Dr. Scott Shannon of Wholeness Center Discusses Micronutrient Therapy

Integrative Psychiatrist, Dr. Scott Shannon, founder of the Wholeness Center in Fort Collins Colorado, was recently interviewed by Modern Living with Kathy Ireland® filmmakers as part of sponsored programming highlighting Hardy Nutritionals® micronutrient formulations.

Some short segments of Dr. Shannon's interview were included in the 10 minute segment that aired on Bloomberg International and E! Entertainment, which also featured Dr. Lawrence Cormier and one of his patients, Hardy Nutritionals® Founder David Hardy, and Kathy Ireland.

This video contains additional segments from Dr. Shannon’s interview with Modern Living. Dr. Shannon has been an incredible advocate of David Hardy’s micronutrient formulations for many years and regularly prescribes Daily Essential Nutrients to his patients.

Interview segments from Dr. Shannon:

"My number one choice has been the nutritional products designed by David Hardy..."

“I use a wide range of products for treating mood disorders. Nutraceuticals, light therapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture... my approach is integrative. And over the last 16 years, my number one choice has been the nutritional products designed by David Hardy.”

Benefits of Hardy Nutritionals®

“The benefits of Hardy Nutritionals® are fairly simple. They're better tolerated, they have less sedation, they have no weight gain issues, people feel more cognitively clear and their energy is better. I would say ninety-seven percent of people that I try on it prefer it over medication.”

Evidence and Value of Daily Essential Nutrients

“At this point I think there's about 30 published trials* in the scientific literature supporting the evidence and value of Daily Essential Nutrients and the nutritional products designed by David Hardy. So, in terms of other nutritional products, his products stand head and shoulders above all else.”

"We emphasize Daily Essential Nutrients..."

“Here at Wholeness Center, in terms of broad-spectrum micronutrients for mood disorders, the Daily Essential Nutrients are the products that we carry. I do a lot of teaching in the integrative medicine, integrative psychiatry world and I share my experience and background and the literature with these physicians and we get a lot of inquiries. I'm now managing course director for an integrative psychiatry training program called Integrative Psychiatry MasterClass and we emphasize Daily Essential Nutrients in that program as well. "

"Better Results with Fewer Side Effects with Daily Essential Nutrients..."

“I think my peers realize that our psychiatric treatments have limited efficacy and very significant risk issues and side effects. So for example in the step-bipolar study, half of people relapse within two years and that's the best we can do in modern conventional psychiatry, and I think I see better results with fewer side effects with Daily Essential Nutrients.”

“I think my peers see the value in other approaches, increasingly we've had a lot of interest in teaching and training about integrative psychiatry and I think when we look at studies such as the step bipolar study what we see is that half of the people relapse within two years even given the best state-of-the-art conventional treatment so I think my peers realize that we need other treatment approaches and we see a broad-spectrum micronutrients such as Daily Essential Nutrients as a strong key choice in this arena.”

Daily Essential Nutrients Gets to Core Underlying Process

“I think one of the changes and shifts we're seeing in terms of integrative psychiatry is a push towards working with the health of the body instead of minimizing the symptoms of disease. And I think Daily Essential Nutrients is an example of a treatment that gets to core underlying process and seems to make people healthier rather merely just covering up symptoms with cumbersome and dangerous psychiatric medications.”

"...They don't need my help anymore once they get on these products."

“I've been working with David Hardy's products for 16 years and I have a number of patients that I've started out on those products 10-15 years ago still on them, still doing well, and the best part for them and ultimately really for me is that they don't need my help anymore once they get on these products.”

"...One of the best approaches is a broad-spectrum micronutrient..."

“We have an apothecary here at Wholeness Center that carries a broad range of herbal and nutritional supplements, so we work with a range of things. For example we test for low iron and treat that. We test for issues with magnesium and treat that. But I think for many people one of the best approaches is a broad-spectrum micronutrient that really covers all our bases and gets away from the test and replace mentality towards broad repletion, which I think sometimes is in many cases the best approach for people.”

"Our approach is to assess root cause..."

“At Wholeness Center we represent the sort of emerging wave in psychiatry that's about an integrative approach based on understanding of health and well-being in the body and trying to support that health as opposed to merely managing the symptoms of disease. So our approach is to assess root cause try to resolve and address root cause issues and improve people's overall health and well-being.”

"We treat the body as well as the mind...'

“We don't really see a division between body and mind here, we treat the body as well as the mind, and we think that if you're trying to improve someone's mental health you can't have a narrow reductionist approach where all you're trying to do is manage chronic symptoms.”

"Single biggest change in the advancement of the treatment of mood disorders since the introduction of Lithium in the early 1950s."

“I just really want to thank David Hardy for his work in this field. Over the last 20 years, his products have revolutionized mental health care and I think represent the single biggest change in the advancement of the treatment of mood disorders since the introduction of Lithium in the early 1950s."

Dr. Shannon is a past President of the American Holistic Medical Association as well as the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. He is currently Course Director for Psychiatry MasterClass, where he and some of his colleagues train other practitioners on incorporating integrative medicine into their psychiatric practice. This training includes the use of micronutrients for mental health related disorders. His next Psychiatry MasterClass takes place on October 14-16, 2016.

*Includes pre-2013 versions of EMPowerplus, co-formulated by David Hardy.