Success Stories: Micronutrients Helped My Child With Mood & Focus

Has your child been getting in trouble at school and home for inattentive or disruptive behavior? You’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated over six million children in the United States alone have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Not to mention depression, anxiety, and other behavior issues rampantly growing in our youth’s generation. 

Along with the rising prevalence of mood, anxiety, aggression, and focus challenges, comes a rising reliance on medications. Parents are constantly faced with the decision to put their children on mood-altering medications or find effective natural alternatives.

For the Thurston family, Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients was the solution they’d been looking for.

Early on, Carter’s parents noticed something was a little different. He was consistently waking up irritated, experiencing anxiety, and acting overstimulated in his environment. Tami, would have a terrible time getting him off to school. He would cry and cling onto her, throwing fits and tantrums. Once he got in the door, it wasn’t uncommon for Carter’s teachers to call and let her know he was misbehaving, often throwing objects or melting down in the classroom. 

“I was so frustrated that my emotions couldn’t control themselves and they just overreacted and I got in trouble,” recalls Carter. 

Pretty immediately his parents knew they needed to find some help for their son’s struggles with ADD, ADHD, and complex motor stereotypies (CMS).

Unfortunately, Carter's parents faced two obstacles. First, they were apprehensive about starting their child on a prescription medication path and instead, wanted something more holistic.

“I felt strongly that I did not want to start Carter on a protocol with medicine and prescriptions. I’ve seen situations where children have been diagnosed and prescribed medicine and then become addicted to different substances and I just didn't want to see that with my child,” Paul, Carter’s dad, explains. 

Secondly, when they brought up these concerns with their child’s pediatrician, they did not feel heard. 

“We’ve spoken with our pediatrician and then many medical professionals through this process. We found it to be very frustrating for both of us and Carter. You have to be your own advocate. We had a vision of what we wanted helping our child to look like and the doctors really didn’t have that vision,” Tami shares. 

So when they came across Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients, there was almost an instant sense of relief. These clinical-strength micronutrients are clinically proven to improve mood, strengthen cognition, reduce anxiety, and improve attention. And what's more, they are recommended by a large number of psychiatrists and therapists worldwide.

Most importantly for Tami, Hardy's micronutrients were easy to add to Carter's diet and didn’t require her picky eater to make any drastic changes, like the other holistic options she looked into did. She was able to mix the micronutrients right into yogurt.

After starting Daily Essential Nutrients, the family noticed a change in Carter within the first week. 

“Within a few days, he started waking up much happier. He used to wake up grouchy, irritated, kind of whiny,” Tami remembers. Now, he was waking up ready for the day, and most importantly, ready for school.

Before long, Carter says he was able to "go with the flow and start concentrating a lot better", in turn receiving much more favorable feedback from teachers on his report cards, and even earned his yellow belt. 

Daily Essential Nutrients was able to give Carter the focus he needed to complete tasks, like his schoolwork, without being too overstimulated or overwhelmed. Throughout the process, Hardy’s Product Specialists were there to help  Tami and Paul figure out the best protocols to help Carter achieve dramatic results.

“One of the things that was awesome about working with Hardy’s is that they had scientists on staff who will set up a time to speak with you and will give you all kinds of advice. We struggled at first getting the dosing right with Carter, he was a little bit hyper, and they set up a protocol and a program for us to get him to the right amount. They were so super helpful and they’re there to talk to you anytime. I felt like they were more invested in this process than our own physicians,” Tami shared. 

“Now, when I get messages from the teacher it's ‘Carter is doing amazing, he’s a leader in the classroom, he’s such a bright student, he’s one of the first ones to get his work done and turned in,’” she boasts.

Interested in bringing Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients into your own family? We have scientists around to answer any questions about this clinical-strength, micronutrient formula. Find a product that’s right for you today at