Do I need Daily Essential Nutrients if I have a healthy diet? - Part 1 - Starving for vitamins & minerals

Many people assume that by carefully choosing a healthy diet, supplementation is unnecessary. This presentation will show you how adding Daily Essential Nutrients to a healthy diet will ensure that you optimize your intake of essential nutrients.

Very few people meet 100% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance requirements for every essential nutrient, and remember that the RDA is only the minimum amount that’s required to avoid deficiency disorders. It’s certainly not the amount that would optimize health.

One key reason Americans are deficient in nutrients is that we’re not eating enough nutrient-rich foods. 80% of Americans don’t take in the recommended amount of fruits. 89% don’t eat the recommended amount of vegetables. We don’t get enough milk to meet our calcium requirements, and nearly the entire population fails to meet the recommendations for whole grains.

A shocking percentage of people exceed the recommended intakes of solid fats and added sugars. This is very significant, because even though solid fats and added sugars make us feel full, they contain very few essential nutrients. In other words, they give us ‘empty calories’ which prevent us from getting all the essential nutrients we need each day.

World renowned human nutrition researcher Dr. Bruce Ames puts it this way: “We are starving! Even though we are all getting fat, we are starving for vitamins and minerals.”

The ‘empty calories’ in our diets have led to a shocking rise in obesity in the U.S. population. In many states, in 1989, less than 10% of people were considered to be obese, whereas in 2009, just 20 years later, many states reported obesity in more than 30% of people. That’s a dramatic increase! Watch Part 2 – Diet & exercise.