Clinical Neurologist Recommends DEN for ADHD

Dr. Michael Drzewiecki is a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in Functional Neurology at the Neurologic Wellness Institute. He has a strong passion for helping those who have been “everywhere else” and have seemingly lost hope in their condition.

Through the use of groundbreaking clinical neuroscience and outside-the-box thinking, he has been making huge strides in helping people regain their quality of life. Patients typically see Dr.Mike Drzewiecki after trying traditional medicine and rehab and have not found sustainable results. He focuses on finding the root cause of his patients’ conditions rather than just addressing symptoms. When patients are struggling with mental clarity, focus, anxiety, depression, or stress, Dr. Drzewiecki often recommends Hardy Nutritionals’ Daily Essential Nutrients.

He has found great success with patients who use DEN, especially when it comes to transitioning off of medications. “The biggest thing that I hear from patients is that they feel more regulated or more like themselves when they take the Daily Essential Nutrients on a regular basis at the recommended dose.” Dr. Drzewiecki says that patients often report beginning to feel more mental clarity after just a few days, and their symptoms continue to improve over time. In fact, over 40 independent medical journal publications back the safety and efficacy of Daily Essential Nutrients for mood and mental health and have found that while improvements may take up to 10 weeks, they often continue for up to or over a year after beginning DEN.

“I personally have taken it myself for about the last seven years...I find that I notice a difference if I miss a few days in just my general clarity…I’ve used other multivitamins as well, and they don’t seem to have the same effect.” Dr. Drzewiecki references the “Standard American Diet” which typically lacks a variety of important nutrients that can have a negative impact on brain health and function over time. He relies on Daily Essential Nutrients to provide those missing nutrients to his patients at therapeutic levels on a daily basis. “Primarily, the symptoms and conditions that I use the Daily Essential Nutrients for are kids and adults who are dealing with attention and concentration issues, and also anxiety and depression…as well as autism.”

Dr. Drzewiecki says he has tried many different supplements himself and with patients and recommends the Daily Essential Nutrients because of the solid independent research behind it and the life-changing results he sees consistently in his patients.