Success Stories: Alleviating Migraines Using DEN Micronutrients

Cheryl, a migraine sufferer for over 20 years, shares her story of how she has been able to experience complete remission and total relief from her migraines and headaches using Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients, a powerful micronutrient supplement.

Cheryl, a mother of four children and grandmother of six, says she that while she has tried medications for her migraines in the past, she didn't like the way they made her feel.  Her life was hard—she had migraines every month or two and headaches two to three times per week.  She says she hasn't had any migraines or headaches since starting Daily Essential Nutrients.  In fact, she started seeing results right away after beginning the micronutrients.  She has now been taking the supplement for a year and a half and considers herself now migraine and headache free.

Daily Essential Nutrients is not a magic cure-all pill for migraines. It is, however, a powerful blend of balanced vitamins and minerals that allows the body to function optimally.   While some people suffering from headaches and migraines turn to specific vitamins or minerals, it is clear from the research on Daily Essential Nutrients that vitamins and minerals work synergistically together to balance the body's systems.  

There are now over 30 independent medical journal publications backing the use of Daily Essential Nutrients for a wide range of health related issues including stress, mood, aggression, focus and more.  Daily Essential Nutrients is packed with all the essential nutrients the human body needs for one day, with all ingredients balanced to one another for maximum effectiveness.  What's more, they're provided in a format that the body can break down and absorb, which allows the nutrients to be put to good use in the body.

Suffering from headaches or migraines?  Try Daily Essential Nutrients for one month and then share your experience with us.