Success Stories: Using Daily Essential Nutrients for PTSD, Anxiety & Depression

Erica first heard about Daily Essential Nutrients from her psychiatrist, who recommended she take it for her anxiety and depression stemming from PTSD. She has now been taking it for three years and shares her experience with others who may be struggling with similar issues. On a day to day basis, Erica has dealt with a wide range of PTSD symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, sleep paralysis and nightmares. She found that when adding Daily Essential Nutrients to her regimen, her sleep issues are alleviated, which helps her stay balanced throughout the day. Before trying Daily Essential Nutrients, Erica tried other remedies for sleep and says, "Daily Essential Nutrients has [had] the most profound effect that I've seen on my sleep, and for me, that's the reason why I go to it every single day. Overall, it's also helping me stay regulated during the day which makes me feel like I have more stability in my life and can make better decisions moving forward and not feeling like I'm constantly dealing with my anxiety or depression issues."