Do I need Daily Essential Nutrients if I have a healthy diet? - Part 3 - Food quality decline

The reason why even carefully selected diets are nutrient deficient can be explained in part by a steady depletion in the nutrient content of food over time. For example, scientists have measured that the calcium content of broccoli decreased by 53% from 1963 - 1999 in various foods. Calcium in tomatoes decreased by 62% during the same period. So in 1999, tomatoes had only about a third of the calcium that they had 36 years previously! 

Researchers published similar data in the British Food Journal in 1997. They looked at the decrease in mineral content in 20 vegetables over a 50 year period. Copper was only 19% of what it had been in the same vegetables 50 years earlier—an enormously significant food quality decline!

What has caused this significant food quality decline over time? The most obvious reason is mineral depletion of soils. The topsoil comprises only about 6 to 8 inches of depth over the earth’s surface. Each year crops are grown, dozens of minerals are removed from the soil. For many decades, the standard farming practice has been to add back just 3 minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). The result is that over time, soils have been depleted of nearly all the minerals that are essential for our health. 

Ideally, we would get all the essential nutrients we need in the foods we eat every day. Certainly, it is very important to eat the very best foods we can. However, based on what we’ve shown you, it’s very difficult to get all the nutrition we need from food alone. And individuals with existing health issues have higher than average nutritional requirements, making it even harder for them to get what their bodies need from food alone.

That’s why nutrition experts recommend that everyone should take a daily multivitamin as insurance against an imperfect diet! Daily Essential Nutrients is superior to regular multivitamins; it goes beyond insurance. It’s a high-yield health investment that will give you substantial ‘returns’ right away. According to research, it can greatly enhance your quality of life by fortifying your body against stress, mood, and anxiety-related issues.

How can Daily Essential Nutrients fit into your food budget? Simply substitute Daily Essential Nutrients for one of your daily bad habits—like the extra cigarette, soda pop, cup of coffee, or chocolate bar that you really could do without. Everybody has at least one health-hindering habit they could drop.

So, in conclusion, even if we carefully select our diets, it’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrition we need from food alone. Daily Essential Nutrients will preserve and enhance the intended benefits of any diet or exercise program at little cost. In addition, it can fortify your body against stress, mood, and anxiety-related issues and greatly enhance your quality of life. So adding our complete, balanced, high-performance mineral-vitamin supplement to your grocery list just makes a lot of sense!