Success Stories: Using Daily Essential Nutrients to Combat Depression

Tom first heard about Daily Essential Nutrients on a Talk Radio show.  Before he was officially diagnosed with depression, Tom says he isolated a lot during his "dark days" and ultimately ended up going to the doctor and asking for help.  He ended up taking depression medications for years. After quite some time on pharmaceuticals for depression, he started looking for another solution.  When he found out about Daily Essential Nutrients, Tom was hopeful that he would have a better result than the medication he was taking because he wasn't satisfied with the way the medications made him feel.  "You're just on a flat line.  You don't have really any emotions," he shares. 

During his struggles with depression, Tom isolated and struggled often.  "I was one of those guys who didn't answer the door, didn't answer the phone...[with depression] you just wanted to be away from people because you don't want to discuss what was going on."

Tom says he has now been on Daily Essential Nutrients for eight to 10 years, "and it's been like darkness to light," he explains.  "Hardy Nutritionals has changed my life.  I don't think of myself anymore as somebody suffering from depression, and it makes it way easier for me to talk to other people about it."

Before finding Daily Essential Nutrients, Tom says his life was difficult.  He never knew from one day to the next how he was going to feel.  He says he wasn't fully participating in life, to the detriments of relationships with others and productivity at work.  Contrasted with his life now, "My day to day life now is fantastic. I'm actually living a life now, not hiding from one."