Functional Medicine Provider Recommends DEN

Paul Battle is a physician assistant in Golden, Colorado.  His practice is called Remedi Health.  With a background in physiology, which focuses on the cellular level of the body, Paul's goal for his patients is to help find the physiological source of their symptoms.  Paul has worked in 12 specialties over the last 37 years including general and vascular surgery, pediatric orthopaedic surgery, adult orthopaedics, internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine, addiction medicine and occupational medicine.  Having the experience of working within a wide range of specialties allows Paul to utilize his extensive background to help his patients find answers in one place, without having to send them to lots of different clinics.  

"The traditional practice uses the standard medications, which are fine, but I try to look for other ways to have the physiology optimized besides using just drugs initially...I try to avoid just going right to medications, and the nutritional aspect of this is pretty important."

Paul first learned about Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN) a couple of years ago at a mental health conference and says he was fascinated by Hardy's unique approach to mental health.  The research behind DEN impressed Paul and made him feel comfortable trying it with not only patients but also with family members.  He shares that one of his relatives suffers from psychosis, schizophrenia and a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  "We put him on the Daily Essential Nutrients and it was a dramatic was quite dramatic...he was the best that we had seen him in 10 years."  In fact, when this family member stopped taking DEN, he regressed and his symptoms returned.

Paul recommends Daily Essential Nutrients to patients with depression, traumatic brain injury, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders.  He even takes them himself for general health, and says he notices increased energy and endurance in his own life.