Success Stories: Relief From Debilitating Anxiety

Sariah was always a high-achiever throughout her entire life. She was an award-winning runner, a talented student, an entrepreneur, and an absolute go-getter. People who know her best would describe her as upbeat, happy, bubbly, and exuberant. That’s why it came as such a shock to Sariah and her family when she began to struggle with deep, dark depression and debilitating anxiety while serving a mission for her church.

Sariah believes the pressure she put on herself to be perfect is what pushed her over the edge. While she was elated to be on a mission and serving others, she felt like she simply wasn’t good enough—and never would be.  She felt like she couldn’t bridge the gap between her expectations for herself and her reality.

“It was so dark, I was just praying to die for months. It was just awful, it was a living hell…nothing would relieve it.” 

After just five of her scheduled 18 months in the Dominican Republic, Sariah decided to return home to deal with her mental health. She didn’t accept proddings from her family that perhaps she had anxiety or depression, but continued to blame herself. She resigned herself to the lie her anxiety told her, that she would never be happy again.

Sariah grew up in a family that looks to holistic treatments before medications and felt strongly that she should not take psychiatric medications for her symptoms. She began instead to take Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients, a clinical-strength supplement for mood and mental health. 

Sariah recalls, “It was helping significantly…the big change that I saw after taking Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN) consistently, is that I could begin to sort out my thoughts…I could begin to discern truth from error again and see that my [previous] thoughts were totally irrational.”

Sariah’s mom shares her perspective, “Her reality was matching more with what I knew to be reality. It was clear to me in that way that the Daily Essential Nutrients was doing what it needed to do internally to help her be able to function and think and operate like we knew Sariah to operate.”

Sariah’s dad recalls what it was like when she first came home from her mission. “It was like hugging a board. You’d receive nothing back.”

Sariah remembers during that time not being able to feel anything, even love for her parents or their love towards her. She felt like she was living in hell every day and their hugs didn’t help.
“It was like hugging a board, and I didn’t want it to be like that but I felt nothing, so that expression of love that I’d previously enjoyed was not enjoyable.”

Now, Sariah has been taking DEN for over six months and says she has realized that she has her life back. “I’ve noticed greater clarity of mind, greater ability to think and make decisions…my ability to discern reality…it’s just enhanced my mental capacities in every area.” She is now a full-time student, majoring in psychology with the hopes of helping others who struggle with similar issues she has overcome.

While the DEN is not a magical cure for anxiety, it allowed Sariah to lay the foundation so she could heal through therapy. The micronutrients helped her stabilize so that her healing could take place.

Sariah’s parents say they have both used Daily Essential Nutrients themselves as well. Sariah’s mom, Camila, shares that she used DEN throughout all 10 of her pregnancies and felt that it supported her both physically and mentally. Sariah’s Dad, Alan, says that DEN helped him through a difficult time in his life when things were challenging at work. He credits DEN for keeping him out of the dark place Sariah went to when her life became challenging.

Daily Essential Nutrients is backed by multiple independent studies, including double-blind placebo-controlled trials, for mood and mental health. Researchers have found it to be helpful with mental clarity, mood stability, cognition, stress, sleep, and focus both in children and adults.

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