Success Stories: Using Daily Essential Nutrients for Fibromyalgia

For years, Alex suffered from severe Fibromyalgia. The disorder caused her chronic fatigue and pain that she could not find relief from, despite a never-ending search for the right treatment. That is, until she found Dr. Gabella at Precision Brain Center in North Carolina. 

“When I first came to see Dr. Gabella I didn’t really have a whole lot of expectations. I’ve seen tons of different doctors and specialists and have done Eastern-medicine type things. I’ve tried all different kinds of treatments, and I wasn’t really familiar with the kind of care she provided. But I was excited to learn something new about my health and try something different.” 

Alex’s current medication had left her feeling like the benefits didn’t outweigh the side effects, and she was ready to get off of them. She brought this up to Dr. Gabella, who she suggested she try Daily Essential Nutrients, a highly research-backed micronutrient formulation clinically proven to reduce mood and mental health symptoms.

“When I first started taking Daily Essential Nutrients, I really didn’t expect much of anything,” Alex explained. “I was pleasantly surprised when it did.”

Supplementing with Daily Essential Nutrients helped Alex get off the medication that she was unhappy with. But one of the biggest surprises was seeing her stomach issues clear up. 

“That was awesome. Especially because I didn’t come looking for that.”

Over time, the micronutrients helped Alex regulate her mood levels and energy as well. Removing mood swings and energy depletion allowed her to focus on her work, get back to her busy lifestyle, and resume the quality of life she had enjoyed before Fibromyalgia had set in. 

“With my Fibromyalgia, it’s made a huge impact on my life. It sort of came on slowly and then just appeared. It impacted every piece of my quality of life. Getting used to living with that condition has meant that I’ve had to reassess the way that I live my life and better balance my self-care, know what my limitations are,” said Alex. “I’m really an on-the-go person, so having that impact was really challenging mentally and physically.”

Taking Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients three times a day for the past five months has been revolutionary for Alex, and she can especially tell when she hasn’t taken it. Without the supplement, her stomach pains start to come back, her energy dips, and she notices she’s not quite herself.

“When I’m taking it, my life seems to go a little bit better,” she related. “Since I started seeing Dr. Gabella and taking "DEN", I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my overall quality of life.” 

To anyone who hasn’t tried these powerful micronutrients yet, Alex recommends going into it with an open mind.

After a whirlwind of medication, specialists, and treatments that didn’t seem to help, Alex feels she has finally found a solution that not only stops her Fibromyalgia symptoms but gives her her life back.

“There are no downsides!” she emphasized.