Success Stories: Using Daily Essential Nutrients for Mood, Behavior

In part 3 of the Micronutrients + Mental Health video series, Annalisa, a dedicated mom to 10 children, shares her son's experience using Daily Essential Nutrients to be more calm and focused.


Daily Essential Nutrients was originally recommended to Annalisa by Dr. Scott Shannon, a psychiatrist in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Her son takes a combination of DEN and pharmaceutical medications under the watchful care of Dr. Shannon.  Typically, the micronutrients are not used together with psychoactive stimulants, however, under the direction of a doctor the combination can be beneficial in some cases. 

Over time Annalisa has seen incredible improvements in her son's moods and behavior.  After starting DEN, his teachers reported major improvements in the way he conducts himself at school.  At one point, Annalisa weaned her son off of the Daily Essential Nutrients temporarily, only to see a huge spike in his symptoms.  She says that when her son uses the DEN consistently, everyone in her household notices if he misses a dose of the DEN.