Research Update: Daily Essential Nutrients for ADHD Part 2

What were the significant improvements seen from using Daily Essential Nutrients?

 Daily Essential Nutrients improved the "inattention" part of ADHD much better than placebo in the study.  Children with ADHD often have mood dysregulation problems and researchers measured those outcomes as well, rated by both parents and teachers.  Daily Essential Nutrients dramatically improved both inattention/impulsivity and mood control in the children with ADHD.  "These measures tapped into behaviors such as hot tempers, fights with other children, explosive angry outbursts, moods changing rapidly for no reason."

Twice as many children who received the Daily Essential Nutrients were significantly improved compared to those who received placebo.  The researchers found that the children studied were better able to function overall just after 10 weeks of taking the Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrient blend.

What were the results after one year?

About 25% of the children studied continued taking Daily Essential Nutrients for a year.  Another 25% of the study participants switched to medications.  Nearly half of the study participants discontinued all treatments. At the one-year follow up to the study, the kids who stayed on the Daily Essential Nutrients were doing better on hyperactivity, impulsivity, anxiety, depression and overall functioning.  In fact, not only did the children improve in their overall ability to function in the first 10 weeks, but the improvement continued during weeks 11 through 52.

For those who discontinued the micronutrients, reseachers wanted to know why they stopped taking Daily Essential Nutrients.  Their responses included cost and the amount of pills required daily.  However, side effects were not cited.  Indeed at a one-year follow-up, those who stayed on the micronutrients did not report any side-effects.

In contrast to medication, the researchers state, "Micronutrient treatments appear to lead to improvements in a number of domains including ADHD sypmtoms, but also anxiety and mood."  The micronutrients provide a broader, more comprehensive effect that leads to great improvements in these kids with ADHD, including better emotional control.

"Children with poor emotional control tend to have poorer long-term outcomes including placing them at risk for future alcohol abuse."  Studies have correlated ADHD sypmtoms in children with increased risk of poor long-term life outcomes.  The improvements measured by Daily Essential Nutrients are a powerful side-effect-free way to improve long-term outcomes.

Daily Essential Nutrients worked well for the children studied which bodes well for these children as they navigate life with ADHD.  

At Hardy Nutritionals, we are focused on research that proves improved life outcomes.  While four capsules with each meal may seem like a lot to swallow, the outcomes prove so successful, thousands of parents are finding relief for their children using Daily Essential Nutrients.  Our Product Specialists are available to help you find success as you transition to micronutrients.  Call or text us with any questions you might have.