Soundbite From Our Scientists: Possible Limiting Factors

Hi my name is Taron. I'm one of the scientists here at Hardy Nutritionals®. I'd like to take a minute and introduce the concept of possible limiting factors for those who are taking Daily Essential Nutrients. 

You can read more about possible limiting factors in the Hardy Nutritionals® Clinical Reference Guide in section 8. Over the years we've observed individuals taking the nutrients, and some of the life choices that they make, and how some of those life choices can influence their experience with micronutrients and their health. We find that there are three general categories of these limiting factors.

There are positive ones, negative ones and simply biological ones.

Positive factors can include things like getting adequate hydration, getting adequate rest and eating a healthy diet. Those things generally enhanced a person's experience on the nutrients.

Negative factors can include things like street drugs, prescription drugs, and biological factors like gut health, such as how healthy is the bowel, puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycles, those are things that influence a person's experience with the nutrients. Again, these are just a few of the many factors that we've seen and are outlined in in section 8 of the Clinical Reference.

We hope that that this information will be helpful for you in your wellness journey while using micronutrients.