Success Stories: New Zealand Woman Uses DEN for Depression

Kim, a life-long resident of New Zealand, has been using Hardy formulations for over a decade.  In this encouraging video, Kim shares experiences from her past and the struggles of dealing with a harrowing bout of depression before finding Daily Essential Nutrients.  

"My life before discovering DEN?  I say that I didn't have a life.  I existed."

Kim shares that her health issues had completely taken over her life and personality before she found the micronutrients.  Her chronic-depression or dysthymia caused her to hide in her house most of the time.  She often hid behind the curtain and unplugged the phone when someone would come to the door and was constantly in a state of exhaustion.  It would take days for her to deal with the laundry or the dishes, and her anger would often get the best of her when dealing with other people.

Kim describes the racing thoughts, overwhelming stress, and brain fog that controlled her life.  Her sleep was affected too, which made her so tired she couldn't focus during the day.  She even used to regularly forget where she parked her car when shopping. 

"Every second of the day, all I thought about was my [depression]." 

Kim says that she expected great results when she finally started taking the micronutrients.  She did lots of research before getting started and felt like she knew it would work.  She says the more research she did on Daily Essential Nutrients, the more convinced she became that it could help her.

Kim shares that, now that she has been taking Daily Essential Nutrients regularly, her mind no longer races and that she has experienced a complete change in her mental and physical symptoms.  She has even been able to attend university and complete courses for the first time in her life.  

About eight years ago, because she was feeling so well after being on DEN for seven years, Kim decided to stop taking the micronutrients to see what would happen.  She quickly found that they were truly helping her because her symptoms started worsening again until she went back to taking her former dose.

Another benefit of taking DEN for Kim is that her relationships with others are better.  Her depression no longer rules her life, and she can function in a way that she never thought possible before.

In the video interview, she shares that she hasn't experienced any downsides or side-effects from taking the Daily Essential Nutrients.  

She explains, "If I had to recommend DEN to a friend of mine, I would tell them it is the most researched vitamin and mineral supplement in the world."