Soundbite From Our Scientist: Micronutrient & Non-Psychiatric Medication Interactions

In the latest Soundbite From Our Scientists, Taron explains how in addition to psychiatric medications, certain non-psychiatric medications may also interact with Daily Essential Nutrients.  While the university research done on our formulations has reported no side-effects, it is important to note a potential increase in side-effects from certain medications if taken in conjunction with the micronutrients.

Individuals who have undergone surgeries and received general or local anesthesia seem to experience potentiated effects after the administration of those medications.  Interactions can include psychotic symptoms, manic symptoms, and sometimes even depressive symptoms. Individuals that have a tendency towards bipolar symptoms will often have reactions when under anesthesia.

Another category of non-psychiatric medication that can interact with or alter the experience of using micronutrients are antacids. We know that antacids affect the digestive process, and that can ultimately affect the absorption of the nutrients.

Antibiotics are also a category of medications that can affect how nutrients are absorbed in the body. In fact, the use of antibiotics is significant enough that if one is taking antibiotics, we recommend that they increase their dose of the micronutrients by 50% to compensate for a lowered rate of absorption when taking nutrients and antibiotics together.

We have had individuals report that when taking antihistamines together with the nutrients, they have increases in anxiety, manic-like symptoms, or psychotic symptoms. We've had similar reports from individuals who have used birth control and hormone replacement therapy. 

We have also had reports that individuals using pain medications have seen similar interactions. Typically, individuals who are experiencing pain seem to have a different experience than those who may be habituated to or who are potentially abusing pain drugs.  Those with pain seem to be able to function more normally and have a more typical experience using the micronutrients compared to those who are struggling with addiction.

In summary, there seems to be quite a strong interaction between the nutrients, which enhance and optimize systems in the body, and the side effects of certain medications.  For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.