Success Stories: Using Daily Essential Nutrients for Brain Injury Recovery

After taking Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients for nearly 4 years, Stephanie shares her experience recovering from a traumatic brain injury which was the result of a serious car accident on her morning commute.  Before trying Daily Essential Nutrients, she struggled trying to find something that truly helped her feel like herself again.  Once she finally decided to try DEN, things started to change for the better.

When Stephanie first started taking Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN), she noticed that she could focus better, she was more calm, her mental clarity was better, and her sleep quality was improved.  Her ability to find the right words in social situations and interact with others began to improve.  She was even able to wean off of the medications she was taking to help with her post-TBI symptoms. 

Stephanie describes dealing with her TBI before finding the micronutrients was like "flopping around" in a pair of shoes with the laces missing.

She credits the micronutrients for helping her get physically and mentally healthier over time.  She says that the depression haze lifted over time and eventually didn't return once she started taking DEN consistently.  She knows she will probably never go back to being exactly how she was before her accident, but she says that using the micronutrients help her feel comfortable in her own skin for the first time since the accident, even after trying several different therapies and medications.

"My moods are less irregular, I have more energy, I probably smile more," she shares.  "Prior to taking Hardy Nutritionals, I got by and did the best I could, tried to hide the fact that I had a traumatic brain injury, hide the fact that I'd changed...once I started taking the DEN supplement I felt like I didn't have to work as hard at trying to be the person I needed to be, the person I needed to be just started coming back alive."

She shares that the anxiety, depression and mood swings came with her injury and they all started to finally quiet down--without the side effects of medication.  

Daily Essential Nutrients is not a magic pill.  It is a highly concentrated, scientifically balanced, clinical micronutrient complex backed by a growing number of medical journal publications proving that it provides the body with the essential elements required to function optimally.

In closing, Stephanie shares, "DEN doesn't have any side effects.  The only side effect is that you get better.  If I had to say if there was a downside to using DEN, I don't know that there really is.  Improving your mental health and well-being, I don't see where there's a downside.  There's only an upside."

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