Success Stories: Using Daily Essential Nutrients for Bipolar Mood Swings

Before Cait started taking Daily Essential Nutrients, she struggled with the ups and downs of mood swings from her bipolar disorder on a regular basis. She spent years trying to find the right combination of medications to no avail.  Cait's doctor finally recommended Daily Essential Nutrients after attending an integrative health seminar featuring Dr. Charles Popper, a Harvard psychopharmacologist who uses Daily Essential Nutrients in his clinical practice.  

Cait says the main benefits of using Daily Essential Nutrients are that her moods are more stable, she doesn't get depressed anymore, her mania is much milder and she doesn't have all the side effects from the medications she used to take.  Cait says she feels stable now and is no longer afraid that something bad is always about to happen.  She is no longer worried about being depressed or sad and has energy and motivation for the first time in a long time.  "Now that I'm on Daily Essential Nutrients I'm able to function in life.  I'm able to get up in the morning and run errands, I have a social life now." She says she still has ups and downs like any average person, but her highs are not as high and her lows are not as low.  "I feel normal, and I haven't felt normal in a really long time," she shares.

In the past, Cait dealt with debilitating depression episodes for weeks at a time and was very sensitive to everything that went wrong in her life, even little things. Over the course of years, she tried many different medications and therapies, including in-patient and out-patient hospitalization.  She says now that she is taking DEN, it is much easier to deal with the ins and outs of daily life and she no longer has to worry about debilitating mood swings.

Daily Essential Nutrients is backed by multiple independent university studies for mood and mental health.  It works by providing the body with clinical levels of vitamins and minerals in a highly absorbable format—something typical multivitamins don't provide.  When the body gets all the nutrients required for the brain to function properly, the body becomes balanced, and the need for chemical intervention reduces. To find a health care provider who recommends Daily Essential Nutrients, please visit our health professional locator. 

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