What makes Daily Essential Nutrients superior to other supplements? - Part 1 - Completeness

Not all supplements are created equal. In this presentation we’re going to show you why Daily Essential Nutrients outperforms other supplements. 

One of the key reasons Daily Essential Nutrients outperforms other supplements is that it covers all the potential deficiencies in our diets. Because so many in the population are deficient in multiple essential nutrients, supplements that have only a few ingredients won’t adequately address these deficiencies. 

Most people don’t realize how important it is to optimize their daily intake of every essential nutrient, and their buying patterns reflect this. Of the approximately 30 Billion dollars Americans spend on dietary supplements, just 42% is used to buy supplements that contain vitamins or minerals. Most of these supplements are actually single-vitamin or single-mineral products which can at best address only one of the many deficiencies in our diets. Multivitamin-mineral products account for only 18% of the total amount Americans spend on dietary supplements. 

However, not all multivitamin-mineral supplements are created equal and give you full value for your money. For example, university researchers recently found that 54% of common multivitamin products either dissolved incompletely or failed to dissolve at all! 

There are other reasons why most multivitamin-mineral supplements are ineffective. Many multivitamins don’t contain a complete array of vitamins and minerals known to be essential for our health. Others contain the essential ingredients, but not at the proper levels and ratios to truly optimize health. And very few multivitamin supplements contain effective forms of nutrients, such as the naturally chelated minerals and natural forms of folate and vitamin B12 we’ve included in Daily Essential Nutrients

We’ve formulated Daily Essential Nutrients to be uniquely effective, giving you full value for your hard-earned money. Daily Essential Nutrients contains every essential vitamin and mineral, including 17 minerals, 13 vitamins, and 8 other value-added ingredients. Together, these ingredients fortify the body against stress, depression, and anxiety.


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