Soundbite From Our Scientists: Healthy Diet + Greens & Probiotics

At Hardy Nutritionals®, the closest we come to providing food is in our Greens & Probiotics product. Our Greens & Probiotics supplement provides food together with bacteria, also known as probiotics. This includes eight strains of bacteria that are known to be beneficial for human health. 

We supply those beneficial bacteria with the food that they need to thrive. As our founder David Hardy would say, "We pack their lunch," so that when they get into your intestines, these good bacteria have everything need to survive and thrive. This includes things like broccoli, carrots and fiber.  In fact a lot of the good you get from an apple or from a carrot are actually the effects of the thriving "good bacteria," who use those vegetables and fruits as foods.

Our Greens & Probiotics supplement is an important part of a healthy, balanced diet, which impacts both your gut health and your brain health. We can't replace a good healthy diet with supplementation, but we can supply many powerful factors that some people need in higher levels. In general, the better a person's diet is, the better their results will be when taking supplements in terms of keeping their gut bacteria healthy.

For a personalized look at your own gut health, use our Microflora Imbalance Questionnaire.

A key to fully absorbing micronutrients is keeping the gut microflora healthy and balanced.

Research is showing that gut bacteria have more of an impact on our health than was previously realized by medical experts. A balanced gut biome helps to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and helps with nutrient absorption. An unbalanced gut can result in Candida and can lead to digestion issues, mental health problems, and skin conditions.

Other symptoms associated with poor gut health may include: Constipation, excessive intestinal gas, chronic diarrhea, chronic bad breath, hormonal problems, PMS menstrual issues, prostate issues, chronic respiratory problems, allergies to dairy products, vitamin B deficiencies, high cholesterol levels, neurological problems, bruising problems, chronic vaginal and bladder infections, osteoporosis, breast enlargement in men, candida infections, chronic anemia, and sarcopenia.

The Microflora Imbalance Questionnaire can help you determine whether or not you have a gut health concern. It will also recommend specific Hardy Nutritionals® products that can be taken to improve gut health, if necessary.