About Hardy Nutritionals

Hardy Nutritionals® was founded in October 2011 by David L. Hardy. David founded the company after spending nearly 15 years co-developing a specialized micronutrient formulation (EMPowerplus), known at that time among nutrition researchers as the world's most studied micronutrient formula for mental health.9

The first micronutrient formula version was developed over several years by David L. Hardy and Anthony F. Stephan, and eventually, subsequent formulations were manufactured and distributed from the U.S. to many countries throughout the world. 

Their formulations were based in large part on David’s agricultural knowledge and 20 years of experience in livestock production as an animal feed formulator. Animal supplements have been developed empirically over generations of animal husbandry where improvements in health translate into large financial gains.

Their first formula greatly improved two of Anthony’s children who were suffering from serious mental health disorders. Both children were able to remain stable by taking the micronutrients and over time no longer had a need for psychiatric medications. Word spread quickly about the dramatic response of these children to the micronutrients, and soon others began to measure similar results.

The original formula required 32 capsules per day to deliver the clinical dose of vitamins and minerals. Over the years, a number of changes were made to the formula as research and use of the product expanded. In 2004, technological advances and a formula change reduced the daily dose from 32 to 18 capsules. In 2007, with minor changes to ingredients, the formula was fit into 15 capsules per day. Some of these changes were enabled by new proprietary mineral-delivery technologies which were refined over the years. The result of these changes was a more effective and tolerable formulation which continued to deliver consistent results. In 2007, there were 18 medical journal publications on these versions of the formula. 

As the formula was evolving and was used by more and more individuals around the world, two of David’s own children were diagnosed with serious mental illnesses. This gave David the same kind of personal experience with close family members suffering from mental illness that Anthony had faced just a few years earlier. Many important insights into the best use of micronutrients and other supportive products were developed by David as he struggled to help his own children regain wellness during this time. Today both of David’s children, who were once very ill, serve in their communities, have their own children, and live normal lives without the debilitating symptoms of mental illness and without the aid of medications.

When David founded Hardy Nutritionals® in 2011, after a planned separation of business interests with Anthony, he made small changes to the core micronutrient formula and re-named it Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN). These important changes significantly improved tolerability and reduced nutrient-medication interactions. In 2013, the Hardy Nutritionals® science team produced a new version of DEN, which retained both the nutrient guarantees and the efficacy supported by published research in only 12 capsules per day. Other nutritional products, either for general health or for use as therapeutic adjuncts to DEN, round out the Hardy Nutritionals® product line.

The team of scientists at Hardy Nutritionals® continually researches ways to improve the formulas. With additional research and experience, it is anticipated that formulation changes will continue as Hardy Nutritionals® remains at the forefront of nutritional health research. 

Clinical aspects and evidence relevant to DEN were reviewed in a recent publication of the American Psychiatric Association, Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice.1 

Refers to pre-2013 versions of EMPowerplus, which were co-formulated by David L. Hardy and Anthony F. Stephan.
*The views expressed are the opinion of the quoted individual. They have no financial or other ties to Hardy Nutritionals.