Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Essential Nutrients is more bulky than other multivitamin-mineral products for several reasons:
  1. Completeness. Daily Essential Nutrients gives you optimally-balanced levels of many critical nutrients in one product. Other multivitamin-mineral products simply don’t contain nearly as many ingredients as Daily Essential Nutrients – or nearly the same levels. Learn more.
  2. Macro-mineral levels. The macro-minerals calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are key to the effectiveness of Daily Essential Nutrients. They are vital for proper brain and nerve function as well as for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.* Macro-minerals make up more than half of the bulk of Daily Essential Nutrients! By comparison, all the trace minerals, vitamins, and other active ingredients combined make up just 30%. Learn more.
  3. NutraTek™-enhanced mineral delivery. Combining each mineral with specialized organic molecules makes Daily Essential Nutrients bulky compared with other multivitamin-mineral products, but the results it delivers make it well worth the extra bulk! Learn more.
Daily Essential Nutrients is specially formulated to meet the needs of individuals who have higher than average genetic needs for certain vitamins. We've been careful to ensure that all these vitamin levels are safe according to vitamin safety levels established by the US Institute of Medicine and other scientific authorities on nutrient safety.
That depends. Be sure to tell your doctor about all the supplements you’re taking. Certain supplements may interfere with Daily Essential Nutrients.

For more information on taking additional supplements while taking Daily Essential Nutrients, see Section 8.4 Supplements in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.
Yes, it's okay to take additional iron if your doctor recommends it.
Most likely. However, as Daily Essential Nutrients is introduced into your diet you will likely experience increased drug side effects. When this happens, talk with your doctor about gradually reducing or eliminating your psychiatric medications. Here’s how you can prepare for your doctor visits: 
For additional information on taking psychiatric medications with Daily Essential Nutrients see Section 4.1 Drug Interactions and Section 8.1 Psychiatric medication management in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.
Yes. However, your doctor will need to adjust the dosages of any heart medications (like warfarin) that interact with vitamin K.

For additional information on taking anti-coagulant medications with Daily Essential Nutrients see Section 4.2 Drug Interactions in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.
Most likely. However, it's important for your doctor to monitor all of your medication doses while you're taking Daily Essential Nutrients. Taking nutrients might  change your medication needs.

For additional information on taking other medications with Daily Essential Nutrients see Section 8.2 Non-psychiatric medications in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.
If you have a special medical condition, we recommend that you consult with your physician before using Daily Essential Nutrients.

Yes. Tell your doctor if you’re experiencing gut problems like constipation or diarrhea. You’ll need to get your gut healthy to benefit the most from Daily Essential Nutrients.

For additional information on gut health, see Section 8.5 Gastrointestinal Problems in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.