Frequently Asked Questions

Hardy Nutritionals® products outperform other supplements for at least four reasons: 
  1. Unsurpassed quality assurance – you can depend on the quality, potency, and purity of our products.* Learn more
  2. Completeness – addresses insufficiencies of essential minerals and vitamins in individual diets.* Learn more
  3. Nutrient balance – supplies essential minerals and vitamins in critical ratios found in a healthy diet.* Learn more
  4. NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology – combines micronized minerals with natural organic molecules to optimize delivery to cells.* Learn more.
NutraTek™ proprietary technology micronizes and pre-combines every mineral in the formula with natural organic molecules, creating a chelation complex which greatly enhances each nutrient’s usefulness to the body.* Learn more.
NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology goes beyond amino acid chelation. It mimics nature by using natural organic molecules. This allows essential elements to even more efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier, enter cells, and optimize nutrient levels.* Learn more.
Research shows that most people fall short of getting the recommended daily amount of multiple nutrients from food alone. Since the body’s wellness is limited by the most deficient nutrient, a superior formula will not leave any essential nutrient lacking. The Daily Essential Nutrients formulation contains many more active ingredients (at effective levels) than other multivitamin-mineral formulations in order to address all insufficiencies of essential minerals and vitamins in the body.* Learn more.
The U.S. Institute of Medicine states that an imbalance in the intake of two or more nutrients can have a diverse array of adverse health effects. The ratios among ingredients in our formulations are carefully set to avoid the risks of nutrient imbalance. This compensates for deficiencies and excesses in individual diets. Balance is never achieved by supplementing only a few elements.* Learn more.