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Using Hardy's Micronutrients to Combat Bipolar Symptoms

Posted on : October 23, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

When Bex Allen, a Transformation Coach and founder of, decided to transition off of her bipolar medications due to unpleasant side-effects, she knew she had a long road ahead. She chose to switch from several long-term medications for bipolar that were causing health problems for her, to Hardy Nutritionals® clinical micronutrients for mental health, Daily Essential Nutrients. During her transition off the meds to the micronutrients, Bex documented her experience. She took videos during the process where she shared with viewers the ups and downs of coming off the bipolar drugs and phasing onto the micronutrients. These videos are published on her vlog for anyone who wants to follow along with her on her journey.

We were pleasantly surprised and very pleased to learn that Bex had put together videos chronicling her experience using a combination of our micronutrients and tapping to become med-free. We reached out to Bex and asked her to do a follow-up interview with us so we could follow-up and see how life is going for her now that she has been medication-free for over a year.

As a Transformation Coach, Bex helps women get off of the "emotional roller-coaster" that often accompanies recovery from a traumatic event. An example of this is anxiety. People aren't always sure where their anxiety comes from—it could be a result of childhood trauma or deep-seated issues. Bex helps them find emotional freedom by healing underlying traumas using tapping and subconscious transmutation.

When Bex decided to leave her bipolar medications behind, she discovered Hardy Nutritionals® clinical micronutrients, Daily Essential Nutrients, and felt that it would be a great complement to the other therapeutic techniques she uses to manage her emotions and cope day-to-day.

Bex, a native of New Zealand, was originally diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was pregnant with her first child 13 years ago. Prior to that, she had used drinking, smoking, and harmful substances to deal with her mood swings and struggles. As a newly pregnant mom, she was committed to healthfully dealing with her bipolar symptoms, and sought out professional medical help. Her doctor put her on several bipolar medications which helped her get through her pregnancy. Her diagnosis gave meaning to the mental distress she had experienced for years and which didn't have a name until a doctor put it all together for her.

For a couple of years, Bex had felt that she needed to come off of her bipolar medication due to the side-effects she was experiencing. She attended a holistic workshop where she learned about Daily Essential Nutrients. Bex says she was really intrigued by the research done on Daily Essential Nutrients by multiple universities worldwide. As her health continued to decline as a result of the medications, she knew it was finally time to make a change. "I had a lot of life left to live, I really was curious about what life would look like for me, drug-free."

When Bex first decided to come off the medications, she met with her general practitioner who urged her to work with a psychiatrist. She was not keen on the idea of working with a psychiatric provider who she thought would likely want to prescribe different psychiatric medications. Her general practitioner worked with her to come up with a plan to slowly reduce her medications, one at a time. Her next step was to talk to a Product Specialist at Hardy Nutritionals® who helped Bex understand the process of transitioning from medications to micronutrients. Bex was concerned about coming off of Lithium, a drug she had been using to be stable for 13 years. She knew that coming off of Lithium too quickly could cause a bipolar episode. The Hardy Product Specialist Bex spoke with advised her to continue working with her doctor as she transitioned from meds to micronutrients, and assured her that the minerals in Daily Essential Nutrients work very similarly to lithium for people with bipolar disorder. In fact, the mineral lithium is an ingredient in Daily Essential Nutrients and helps with mood stability for those prone to severe mood swings.

Over the course of four months, Bex was able to get off of all her medications. "It was the best thing I've ever done," she says.

"I no longer have any bipolar mood swings now. I would consider my moods to be very normal. I am a highly emotive person...I feel my feelings. I do still of course experience moods. The difference now is that I can bounce back so much quicker."

She says she no longer has manic or depressive episodes and her sleep has normalized. She experienced some sleep disturbances while she was withdrawing from her bipolar medications, but is now able to sleep 6-8 solid hours per night.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Bex reduced her dosage of Daily Essential Nutrients to ensure she did not run out. During that time, she started to notice her old symptoms cropping back up again and promptly went back up to the full dose of four capsules daily with each meal.

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