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Clinical Neurologist Recommends Hardy Micronutrients to Patients

Posted on : October 21, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

When it comes to getting her patients back on their feet, clinical neurologist Dr. Angela Gabella often turns to Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients as part of a holistic approach to patient therapy. These specialized micronutrients make up the most research-backed multivitamin in the world, and they provide consistent results for patients recovering from mood or brain disorders. 

Dr. Gabella owns Precision Brain Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her practice specializes in treating neurological brain disorders, such as concussion, traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative disorders, mood disorders, headaches and migraines, dizziness, and mental disorders. To get the best results, her practice translates new research into medical practice, in order to provide patients with evidence-based diagnostics and treatments. 

Finding The Root Cause

“As a clinical neurologist, it is my job to determine the root cause of the patients' symptoms,” Dr. Gabella explains. “During a neurological examination, you will find neurological deficits, which you measure and then quantify. You then compare it to the research.” 

Dr. Gabella’s process gives her a very accurate picture of what’s happening inside a patient’s nervous system, be it physical or emotional trauma, or something else.

“It’s really important to find a root cause… it’s important to localize exactly where to treat it for the symptoms to go away.” 

Sometimes the root cause is as simple as poor nutrition. Before finding Daily Essential Nutrients, Dr. Gabella wasn’t interested in treating the brain with supplements. Now, it’s the only supplement she recommends. 

“The way it works with the brain is that whether it’s a medication or a supplement, when you take something, you can’t selectively bind to a specific area in the brain. Globally, it’s going to have an effect and it’s going to have a different effect on all the receptors it goes to. So I’m not big on supplementation. However, Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients have such a massive impact on brain health that it is the only supplement we use. The research on it is incredible, but so are the results.” 

Micronutrients and the Brain

Micronutrients play a significant role in behavioral issues and neurological disorders. Dr. Gabella is a graduate of Carrick Institute, and a student of Dr. Frederick Carrick, the founder of Clinical Neurology. As a result, she’s had her eyes on micronutrients research for years—especially Hardy’s game-changing formula. 

To Dr. Gabella, the difference between Hardy’s and other micronutrients is the robust research backing the formula. Hardy’s research doesn’t solely focus on one neurological facet, such as autism spectrum disorder or ADHD. Researchers wanted to know the effects micronutrients have on as many neurological disorders as possible. 

Over the years, independent research has been conducted on the effects of Hardy’s for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, brain injury, PTSD, gut health, and more. To view the comprehensive list, click here

“That’s huge when you can help the quality of life for a schizophrenic patient with micronutrients,” said Dr. Gabella. “We want to give our patients their quality of life back as quickly as possible, so if you can add in a micronutrients supplement that helps you do that, it’s a no-brainer.”

Who Should Take Micronutrients?

Extensive research has proven that micronutrients can be beneficial for everyone. Dr. Gabella has specifically recommended this approach to patients with mental health disorders, focus and attention issues, depression, anxiety, brain fog, mood disorders, and sleep disturbances. 

Her patients with high cognitive or mood instability issues, in combination with neurological rehabilitation, tend to improve at faster rates than those who don’t use Hardy’s micronutrients.

“Some of the patients who are a little bit harder, and have more layers of complexity in terms of cognition and emotionality, tend to speed up their responsiveness when they take [Hardy's] Daily Essential Nutrients.” 

Patients who desire to transition off long-term medication as a result of side effects may also find relief in switching to a micronutrient supplement. 

“The beauty of Daily Essential Nutrients is that it gives their body those micronutrients and vitamins it needs to facilitate neuroplastic changes and neurotransmitter synthesis, so that whether it’s the withdrawal or supporting their brain health, it’s a lot easier for them to wean off the medications.” 

No matter the root cause, Dr. Gabella has noticed that her patients who take Daily Essential Nutrients tend to see positive results right away, and experience faster recovery.  

“I recommend Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients because the product has excellent bioavailability. When the patient takes the supplement, their body actually absorbs the nutrients from it and can utilize it. Any patient that has tried Hardy's is highly satisfied and encouraged by the results.” 

Daily Essential Nutrients is available without a prescription here.

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