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Supplement Proven to Improve Mood & Focus

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Multiple Studies Prove "Daily Essential Nutrients" Effective for Mood & Focus

Two recent double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trials and several medical journal publications support the use of Daily Essential Nutrients to alleviate attention-deficit/hyperactivity symptoms.  Daily Essential Nutrients is a powerful, specialized blend of micronutrients—vitamins and minerals in a highly absorbable format. Assessments included measures of ADHD, mood, anxiety, and general function. [1]  A follow-up study showed that children taking the micronutrients for a year continued to be successful. [2]  Another follow-up study showed improvements in the gut-microbiome of children with ADHD who had taken the micronutrients.

In fact, Daily Essential Nutrients is now FDA approved as an investigational new drug.  This means that the growing body of research on this particular natural supplement is starting to make waves.

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Worldwide, millions of people each year seek relief from the symptoms associated with ADHD.  Many are reluctant to choose medication as the first solution due to the side-effects often associated with those treatments.  Furthermore, while ADHD medications such as stimulants have been shown to be generally effective in the short-term, research has shown that they can be less effective in the long-term. [3]

For years, researchers at multiple universities worldwide have researched Daily Essential Nutrients, a complex formulation made up of highly potent micronutrients for its safety and effectiveness in alleviating a wide range of mood-related conditions.

  Now, double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed research supports the fact that Daily Essential Nutrients not only reduces symptoms of ADHD, but also helps anxiety, stabilizes mood and improves quality of life in both children and adults.

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The fact that nutrition helps improve health is not a new idea, but the levels of nutrients found in Daily Essential Nutrients far surpass those available in even the healthiest of diets.

Proven to be well within safe levels, every single nutrient science has shown to be essential to human health is found in Daily Essential Nutrients in a highly absorbable format that allows the body to put each element to good use.

Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies are the gold standard
of scientific rigor, and across multiple disorders and different supplement formulas, micronutrient therapy is proving to be effective and reliable.  There are now a number of double-blind, randomized controlled trials (RCT) supporting the positive effects of broad-spectrum micronutrients for the treatment of symptoms associated with clinical conditions, including autism, ADHD, conduct disorder, and depression.

Hear it From Real People: Symptoms Have Improved Significantly

A number of parents have come forward to share the experience their children have had using Daily Essential Nutrients for mood swings, ADHD, depression, aggression, oppositional defiance and anxiety.  These parents' stories all share a common theme; that their children are doing better in school, having better relationships with their peers and siblings, and are altogether happier and better adjusted.  

Over time, Annalisa (above) has seen incredible improvements in her son's moods and behavior.  After starting DEN, his teachers reported major improvements in the way he conducts himself at school.  At one point, Annalisa weaned her son off of the Daily Essential Nutrients temporarily, only to see a huge spike in his symptoms.  She says that when her son uses the DEN consistently, everyone in her household notices if he misses a dose.

Several months ago, Victor (above) joined the "Micronutrients for ADHD Youth" research study at Oregon Health & Sciences University, nicknamed the MADDY study.  The study is testing Daily Essential Nutrients, a micronutrient complex formulated by Hardy Nutritionals®, and DEN's effectiveness in assisting children with ADHD who are not taking medication.

In this inside look, Victor's parents share that their son is experiencing big changes.  He is less defiant and is having less trouble at school.  In fact, the school used to call up to six times per day; but since they have undertaken the micronutrient regime, these problems no longer haunt Victor and his family.

Victor's mom shares, "There were times when he wasn't being safe...he would throw chairs and throw pencils; it was very, very stressful.  There is an amazing difference now."

WATCH: Psychiatrists Recommend "Daily Essential Nutrients" to Patients for Mood, Mental Health

A growing number of psychiatrists and other health care providers are recommending Daily Essential Nutrients to their patients as a first line of defense against depression, anxiety, mood swings, attention-deficit/hyperactiity and stress.

Dr. Arwen Podesta, an integrative psychiatrist based in New Orleans, Louisiana, works with patients suffering from addiction and acute mental health symptoms. She shares, "I have many patients who use Daily Essential Nutrients...I have a handful that have been on them long term who were able to get off of their ADD medications and off of their bipolar medications and still have really good attention and focus and still have no mood swings that are too far up or too far down. So they stay within normal range when they are on this for bipolar, and it's really successful."

Another psychiatrist, Dr. Aruna Tummala, uses a broad scope of intervention including Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients, psychotherapy, and careful use of psychiatric medicines with her patients. Dr. Tummala first heard of Daily Essential Nturients from Dr. Scott Shannon, who has found success using these micronutrients with patients who have ADHD and psychosis.  Dr. Tummala shares that most of her patients notice differences in their mental health symptoms within three to four weeks of consistently taking Daily Essential Nutrients.  She has found it to be useful for patients with autism, schizophrenia, depression, psychosis and bipolar disorder.  She notices improvements in apathy and motivation in patients taking DEN.  She has had a couple of patients who started taking DEN and discontinued after a time, only to have their symptoms reappear.  

Dr. Scott Shannon, author and former president of the American Holistic Medical Association as well as the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, shares his experience using Daily Essential Nutrients with patients: "I've been working with David Hardy's products for 16 years and I have a number of patients that I've started out on those products 10-15 years ago still on them, still doing well, and the best part for them, and ultimately really for me, is that they don't need my help anymore once they get on these products."

Dr. Mel Litman, an orthomolecular specialist, uses Daily Essential Nutrients with a wide range of patients including those with mood, hormonal and mental health disorders.  He says, "In general, the feedback from patients who are starting on it is much more common with the psychiatrist patients, because there are very clear symptoms…if they’re feeling less depressed, if they’re feeling less anxiety, if their memory function is improving.  For the autistic kids if we see their language is improving, their interactions with people…We will get people that are using the Daily Essential Nutrients who don’t have a specific illness, they just don’t feel so great, they’re dragging, they’re not feeling so optimistic…and some of them will actually give feedback that they’re noticing clear changes in their day-to-day life when they’re on the nutrients.  The top reported benefits from the Daily Essential Nutrients would be in terms of benefits to mood and even cognitive abilities.  Some of the others have to do with energy. They feel that their energy and vitality is better when they’re on the nutrients, and they feel that it will go down when they stop [taking] them.”

Dr. Charles Popper, a psychopharmacologist at Harvard University discusses why choosing a clinical formulation like Daily Essential Nutrients is paramount to store-bought multivitamin therapies.  He says, “Many of the vitamins and minerals that people obtain from drugstores are relatively low-quality vitamins and minerals. They contain many ingredients, but they don't necessarily absorb into the body. Their biological availability is often very poor. So it is, in fact, true that people are taking vitamins and minerals without getting substantial effects out of them. Especially in psychiatry, when we are using these as medical treatments, we look for very much higher quality vitamins and minerals that are demonstrated to have much higher absorption rates than the routine commercial formulations.”

Adults Share Their Experiences Using "Daily Essential Nutrients" for Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Mood, Anxiety & Stress

Daily Essential Nutrients is not just for children. In fact, this specialized micronutrient formulation has helped thousands of adults worldwide with mood stability, energy, stress relief and sleep quality.  Adults who have trouble with the side effects of conventional psychiatric medications or who are more comfortable with a holistic approach have found Daily Essential Nutrients to be not only safe but effective.

Stephanie, (above), a traumatic brain injury survivor, shares that she wishes she had started using Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients sooner.  She says it has helped her moods, her irritability, and her stress levels significantly.  After taking Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients for nearly four years, Stephanie shares her experience recovering from a traumatic brain injury which was the result of a serious car accident on her morning commute.  Before trying Daily Essential Nutrients, she struggled trying to find something that truly helped her feel like herself again.  Once she finally decided to try DEN, things started to change for the better.

Ivy, (above), was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) almost 20 years ago, and she manages her health through a combination of holistic therapies.  Years ago, when she was first diagnosed, her forward-thinking neurologist prescribed fish oil which got her thinking about how important nutrition is when it comes to brain function. Through her personal research and struggles with mood and anxiety, she finally discovered Daily Essential Nutrients.  Ivy says, "One of the things I really love about Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients is that they've done such extensive research and chosen each different micronutrient and put it all together in one synergistic blend, so it's really a genius product because it really is based on research."

Lori, (above), dealt with bipolar, depression and PTSD for most of her adult life before finding balance using Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients.  She says that the micronutrients helped restore her to who she was before her illness set in.  She shares, "Life's not perfect, but I've got this perspective that I am a fully functional person.  Being physically healthier and mentally healthier has allowed me to do all of the other things that are good for my health."  Lori says that she wishes people would better understand the physiological component of mental health.  

Kim, (above), has taken Daily Essential Nutrients for years.  She was originally diagnosed with dysthmia and says before finding DEN, she would hide when someone came to the door and avoid answering the phone.  She says that she was just surviving before, and now she feels like she is actually living.  Kim says that she expected great results when she finally started taking the micronutrients.  She did lots of research before getting started and felt like she knew it would work.  She says the more research she did on Daily Essential Nutrients, the more convinced she became that it could help her.

Kim shares that, now that she has been taking Daily Essential Nutrients regularly, her mind no longer races and that she has experienced a complete change in her mental and physical symptoms.  She has even been able to attend university and complete courses for the first time in her life.  

Jonathan has dealt with bipolar disorder for most of his adult life and ADHD as a child.  He says he feels like has his life back now that he is taking Daily Essential Nutrients.  He shares how he researched the ingredients in the Hardy formulation to ensure its safety and discusses the process of transitioning from the medications to micronutrients.  He says his experience was life-altering; he was able to completely discontinue the medications and has been successfully managing his bipolar disorder ever since.

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