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Bone Health Essentials

180 Capsules



Bone Health Essentials is an optimal balance of key vitamins and minerals for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.*

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More Information About Bone Health Essentials:

Bone Health Essentials contains an optimal balance of the key minerals and supportive nutrients our bodies need most to maintain healthy bones and teeth.*

Our proprietary NutraTek™-enhanced mineral delivery technology combines each mineral with organic molecules – just like nature – to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. This enables each mineral to be much more useful to the body than the common rock-form minerals used in most supplements.*

Many individuals take Bone Health Essentials to address concerns with osteoporosis, or in certain cases, to improve bowel function.*

Bone Health Essentials should be taken together with Hardy Nutritionals™ Daily Essential Nutrients or Daily Self Defense to enhance overall health.*

Bone Health Essentials Product Quality:

A superior product begins with a commitment to quality assurance. Our quality assurance is backed by over 35 years of applied nutritional science.
We use a manufacturing facility in the United States that maintains rigorous Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. This facility is registered with and inspected by the FDA, the Department of Health and Human Services, and by NSF international—a third-party not-for-profit company that provides GMP audits, safety audits, and certifications for a wide range of consumer products. These standards, along with our commitment to quality, are why you can depend on the quality, potency and purity of our products.
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) help to safeguard the health of consumers as well as ensure high-quality products in accordance with dietary supplement regulations. GMP involves testing of products during the manufacturing process to ensure that ingredients are uncontaminated and in the correct amounts (as indicated on the product label), and that product will provide that same quality until the ‘best-before date’.
We choose only the best raw ingredients which are tested separately to ensure they exceed expected quality. The separation between superior and inferior begins here.

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Bone Health Essentials Suggested Use :

Take 1-2 capsules three times daily (between meals) or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

At the recommended dose (6 capsules/day), one bottle of Bone Health Essentials will last approximately 30 days.

Many customers take Bone Health Essentials to address concerns with osteoporosis, or in certain cases, to improve bowel function.