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The Foundation of Health Starts in Your Gut

Posted on : March 26, 2024 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Your gut is more than just a pathway for your food; it's a complex ecosystem teeming with trillions of microorganisms that play a crucial role in your overall health. As analyzed by Dr. Joseph Mercola, the human gut hosts a diverse array of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms, all of which contribute to our health in fundamental ways.


At Hardy Nutritionals, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. The balance of microbes in your gut affects everything from your mood and immune system to your risk of chronic diseases. Here's how the proper nutrition and supplementation can support your gut health.

The Microbial Universe Within

Your gut microbiome is home to a staggering number of microbes. The large intestine alone can host up to 1 trillion colony-forming units (CFU) per milliliter, with Bacteroides being the dominant microbe. This diversity is not static; it's influenced by your age, diet, health status, and environment.

The composition of your gut flora is linked to various health conditions, including obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and inflammation. For instance, imbalances in specific bacterial strains can be associated with increased risks of these conditions.

The Role of Nutrition

A healthy gut microbiome depends on the consumption of whole, fiber-rich foods; fermented foods; well-rounded probiotics; and the avoidance of unnecessary antibiotics and environmental toxins. 

However, in our modern diet, which is often high in processed foods and low in nutrients, maintaining a healthy gut flora can be challenging. This is where Hardy Nutritionals comes in. Our broad-spectrum micronutrient formulas are designed to support gut health by providing the essential nutrients that support the growth and maintenance of beneficial gut bacteria. 

Greens & Probiotics: A Hardy Recommendation

In addition to a nutritious diet, our gut health supplements can offer significant benefits for gut health. Greens & Probiotics, which are part of a group of derivatives from the Bacillus microbe, delivers 900 million colony-forming units of beneficial bacteria in each serving. It can dramatically increase immune tolerance and help reestablish a healthy gut microbiome, an especially important consideration when an individual is taking antibiotics.  In fact, our probiotic formulation includes greens, which nourish the good bacteria, allowing them to flourish in the gut. When combined with our micronutrient formulations such as Optimal Balance or Daily Essential Nutrients, Greens & Probiotics allow the healthy gut microflora to populate and support balanced gut health, delivering more nutrients to the brain.

We recognize the unique benefits of probiotics, not only for their resilience in the gut environment but also for their ability to support the growth of other beneficial microbes. This makes them an excellent addition to anyone’s regimen for maintaining optimal gut health.

Protecting and Nourishing Your Gut

To safeguard your gut health, it’s crucial to minimize exposure to antibiotics and environmental toxins, choose fiber-rich whole and fermented foods, and consider supplementation with high-quality nutrients and probiotics. At Hardy Nutritionals, our focus on scientific research and quality ingredients aims to provide you with the best support for your microbiome health.

Your gut is the foundation of your health. By taking care of it through proper nutrition and supplementation, you can enjoy a wide range of health benefits, from improved mood and energy levels to a stronger immune system. 

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