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Original Shark Tank Shark Kevin Harrington Interviews Dallin Hardy

Posted on : January 19, 2024 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

In this groundbreaking video, Kevin Harrington, an original shark from Shark Tank, interviews Dallin Hardy, Director of Product Development at Hardy Nutritionals, about our dedication to developing effective, nutrition-based solutions for mental wellness. During the interview, Kevin emphasizes our commitment to education and support for those struggling with mental health, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Origins of Hardy Nutritionals:

At the outset of the conversation, Dallin shares the company's origin story. It began with Hardy's founder (and Dallin's father) David Hardy, who initially worked in animal nutrition. Dallin notes, "Well, it started with my dad. The founder is David Hardy... He spent 20 years in animal nutrition formulating feed for livestock." This background led to an understanding of the crucial role of essential micronutrients in health.

Motivation Behind the Focus on Mental Wellness:

The motivation for focusing on mental wellness was deeply personal. Dallin reveals, "But what really motivated him and motivates us at Hardy Nutritionals is there was mental illness in the family." He explains how his father's expertise in nutrition helped resolve these issues, highlighting the power of micronutrients in bringing stability and healing to families.

Philosophy and Approach:

Dallin discusses the company's philosophy and approach, emphasizing the foundational role of supplements in mental health. He states, "I view it as a foundation... there's a biological, physiological aspect to mental health." He asserts that while supplements cannot resolve all issues, they are vital for optimal brain function and overall mental wellness.

Research and Validation:

Harrington points out the extensive research available on Hardy Nutritionals' website. Dallin proudly responds, "We've been really blessed to have researchers who are interested in humanity." He elaborates on the rigorous, independently funded clinical trials that validate our supplements, covering various psychiatric conditions.

Differentiation from Regular Supplements:

When asked about how Hardy Nutritionals' products differ from regular multivitamins, Dallin explains, "It's definitely not a regular multivitamin." He details the comprehensive nature of our formulations, the importance of bioavailability and therapeutic dosing, and the fact that Daily Essential Nutrients is backed by many independent studies proving its safety and effectiveness for alleviating mental health symptoms.

Acceptance by Healthcare Professionals:

Dallin acknowledges the growing interest from healthcare professionals but also notes the barriers to wider acceptance, particularly the lack of nutrition training in medical schools and a focus on drugs in psychiatry.

Impact and Application:

Highlighting the broad applicability of our products, Dallin mentions, "The reality of modern life is that most people could stand to improve their mental health." He describes personal use and the benefits experienced by many, including improved mood, sleep, and resilience to stress.

The interview concludes with Harrington expressing excitement about Hardy supplements and their unique advantages.

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