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The Benefits of Inositol for Anxiety

Posted on : August 25, 2023 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Inositol Powder (myoinositol) helps to calm physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic, and depression. Inositol has been studied for a wide range of mood disorders and is a vital ingredient in both of our micronutrient formulations, Optimal Balance, and Daily Essential Nutrients. In addition to taking Inositol in DEN, it is also available as a standalone supplement and helps individuals struggling with anxiety as an on-the-spot, natural treatment.

What is Inositol

Inositol is a natural ingredient found in many whole grains, nuts, beans, fresh fruits, and many other foods. It is also known as Vitamin B8. It is technically a type of natural sugar that helps the body process insulin and regulate neurotransmitters. 

How Does Inositol Taste?

Naturally mild-tasting and lightly sweet, inositol is easily tolerated mixed with a small amount of water, sprinkled on food,  or simply eaten as dry powder on a spoon.

What Does Inositol Help With?

Inositol supports normal brain and gastrointestinal function by promoting proper neurotransmitter signaling and is reported to have a calming effect on most individuals. It is proven effective in double-blind trials as a short-term intervention for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder when taken at doses of 12–18 g/day. It has been shown to reduce panic attacks when taken daily or at the onset of symptoms.[1]

Is Inositol Safe?
Inositol is generally considered safe but may cause transitory diarrhea in some individuals. 

How Much Inositol Should Be Taken for Anxiety Relief?
At Hardy Nutritionals, we recommend taking one level teaspoon (4 grams) as needed for symptom relief, dissolved in liquid or sprinkled on food. Adults and adolescents may take 3-6 level teaspoons/day. Children age nine or younger may take 2-4 level teaspoons/day. Higher doses may be used as recommended by a physician. A bottle of Hardy Inositol Powder (myoinositol) contains 56 servings.

When taken in combination with our broad spectrum micronutrient formulations, Optimal Balance, or Daily Essential Nutrients, the body is receiving a powerful regimen that can be put to good use toward balanced health.   For many people, inositol works quickly when taken at the onset of anxiety symptoms.

Where to Buy Inositol?
Inositol is available here in powder form.



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