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Why We Train Doctors

Posted on : July 21, 2023 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Since the beginning of civilization, doctors and health professionals have been held in high esteem—and rightfully so. They mend broken bones, administer comforting medicines, and even cure disease. We need doctors—our entire medical system is built on trust. That’s why at Hardy Nutritionals®, we work closely with health professionals to ensure their patients have access to the most cutting-edge nutraceutical treatments for mood and mental health.

While traditional psychiatric medications have their place—they can be tremendously effective in the short term, especially for acute psychiatric patients in crisis—it is becoming more clear that their side effects may outweigh the benefits when it comes to long-term mental health care.

Unfortunately, medical school students typically only receive a few short weeks of nutritional instruction as part of their studies. This leaves a wide gap in the medical education system, churning out doctors and health professionals who need a greater understanding of the impact of nutrition on the brain.

That’s where we come in. 

For over two decades now, members of our science team have conducted advanced training for health professionals on the clinical use of micronutrient therapy for patients with mood instability and mental health disorders. Clinicians of all kinds from around the world, from psychiatrists to psychotherapists, naturopaths, and integrative medicine practitioners, have taken our micronutrient training course to better support their patients. 

Our Clinical Micronutrient Therapy training consists of three modules focused on three specific areas:

  • Responses to Daily Essential Nutrients, Dosing & Safety, and Mechanisms 

  • Understanding Drug-Nutrient Interactions 

  • Gut Health, Lifestyle & Limiting Factors, and Adjunct Products

Knowledge in these essential areas empowers healthcare professionals to assist their patients in transitioning to micronutrients with the best chance of experiencing positive long-term results. 

Here is some powerful feedback from healthcare professionals who have completed our Clinical Micronutrient training.

“I have many patients who use Daily Essential Nutrients…who were able to get off of their medications and still have really good attention and focus and no mood swings that are too far up or too far down, so they stay within normal range…it’s very successful.” - Dr. Arwen Podesta, Psychiatrist, New Orleans, Louisiana.

“After consistently taking Daily Essential Nutrients, patients noticed an improvement in their thought disorder; being able to think more clearly, sleep and appetite also seem to stabilize, anxiety goes down, mood becomes more calm and even. They become less disorganized.”

-Dr. Aruna Tummala, Psychiatrist, New Berlin, Wisconsin

“The top reported benefits from the Daily Essential Nutrients would be in terms of benefits to mood and even cognitive abilities.  Some of the others have to do with energy. They feel that their energy and vitality is better when they’re on the nutrients, and they feel that it will go down when they stop [taking] them.”

-Dr. Mel Litman, Orthomolecular Practitioner, Israel

“I recommend Daily Essential Nutrients to patients with depression, traumatic brain injury, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders.  I even take them myself for general health, and I notice increased energy and endurance.”

-Paul Battle, P.A., Golden, Colorado

If you are a healthcare professional who desires a research-based alternative treatment for mood and mental health, click here to learn more and enroll in our Clinical Micronutrient Therapy training.

If you are a patient interested in working with a healthcare professional trained in the clinical use of micronutrient therapy, check out our health professional locator here to find a practitioner near you.

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