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This Supplement Saved My Son

Posted on : June 07, 2022 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

From the time he was a baby, Tove noticed that her son Cohen had difficult health issues and displayed atypical behaviors. He dealt with gut imbalances and displayed symptoms of a sensory processing disorder, with which he was eventually diagnosed.

Cohen’s family tried different approaches to manage his symptoms including eliminating dairy and gluten from his diet. While those measures helped some, as Cohen continued to grow, it became clear he needed more intervention to manage his emotional dysregulation and sensory issues. 

Seeking psychiatric treatment was the next step for Cohen and he began taking pharmaceutical medications as well as utilizing therapies such as speech therapy and occupational therapy.  Tove and Cohen quickly discovered that the medications did not work for him long-term and the side effects Cohen experienced were intense. Cohen had tried a long list of medications to help manage his symptoms of aggression and mood instability and after genetic testing that showed how impactful the medication side effects were on Cohen, they decided something else would have to give.

In her search for answers to help her son, Tove came across a TED talk featuring Dr. Julia Rucklidge speaking about the power of broad-spectrum micronutrients for mental health. Eventually, Tove discovered Hardy Nutritionals’ Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN). Cohen began taking DEN and Tove saw noticeable improvements in his behavior within two weeks. Tove says, “His body then had what it needed to be successful and we really have Hardy’s to thank for that.”

Tove recalls a time right after Cohen had first started taking DEN when she had to tell him no. As she braced herself for an overwhelming outburst, he surprised her by merely expressing his displeasure and moving on. Tove recalls the difference in his response and now says that Cohen hasn’t had a dramatic episode in a couple of years.

While Cohen still faces challenges like anyone else, DEN has provided mental balance for Cohen so that the other types of therapies that are now successful have room to work. “Hardy’s has helped us be in a completely different place to allow him to succeed.” 

Tove has recommended DEN to many others and says one of the most important outcomes she has witnessed is diminishing suicidal ideation. Tove believes that when suicidal ideation is off the table, people can truly begin to focus on improving their lives. 

Cohen is now 16 and has consistently taken Daily Essential Nutrients for years. Tove says that the violence and volatility he once regularly experienced is gone. He no longer goes through periods of darkness and has much improved emotional regulation. Cohen shares his thoughts with anyone who is on the fence about trying DEN. He says, “Try it. It worked for me. Just try it and see if it helps.” 

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