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Micronutrients Helped My Mom Become Herself Again

Posted on : November 08, 2021 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

When Cheryll Johnson started to notice her mother, Norma, wasn’t acting like herself, she became incredibly worried. It started with severe anxiety symptoms, lethargy, and eventually grew to a point where her mother could barely form a sentence. Norma stopped talking altogether, became incoherent, and confused. Norma’s doctors diagnosed her with dementia and quickly prescribed drugs for her symptoms, including depression.

This response isn’t uncommon. According to Alzheimers Research UK, up to 54% of patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia are being treated with symptomatic drugs. However, Cheryll noticed quickly that the medication wasn’t giving her mother the results for which she had hoped.

“She was in a stupor at one stage! And I was like no, this is getting from bad to worse,” Cheryll recalled. 

Before long, Cheryll had to have a caregiver home with Norma at all times to help her eat, shower, and take care of her basic needs. This unresponsive side of Norma was something Cheryll and her husband Gladstone had not been used to, as Norma was always known for engaging in animated conversation and being a present member of the family.

Desperate for help, Cheryll reached out to her local certified nutritionist for a new solution. She recommended Cheryll start giving her mother Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients

Three days into taking the Daily Essential Nutrients, Cheryll noticed a drastic difference in her mom. For the first time since the dementia set in, Norma was coherent and present. 

“As a man of personal faith, I considered it to be a miracle to see the transformation!” explained Cheryll’s husband Gladstone. “Because my mother-in-law, some of the things she’d normally do, for example, washing the dishes or being on her cell phone, she wasn’t able to do those things. And today, every time I see her washing the dishes, moving around the apartment, it amazes me.” 

Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients is the most research-backed supplement in the world for mental health, so it’s no surprise that Norma found success with Hardy's clinical strength micronutrients. In fact, Hardy’s products have been proven to help people with mood disorders, attention deficit disorders, depression, sleep issues, and so much more. 

“I used to fumble with things and have trouble with my hands,” Norma explained. “I would wonder where I am, sometimes.”

Now that she regularly takes Daily Essential Nutrients, she’s back to her usual way of life.

“I eat well, I am normal, I just feel like my old self. I’m fine,” Norma emphasizes.

Cheryll and her husband can testify to that. They have witnessed Norma's newfound freedom as she walks around the apartment, goes to the gym regularly, attends church, and uses her cell phone. Norma’s results have turned them both into believers. 

“If someone were to doubt how good or whether they should be taking Hardy Nutritionals, I would say to them the proof is in the pudding. What do you have to lose? Take it, and you will see the difference. If you don’t take it, how will you know?” Cheryll remarks.

Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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