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Natural Supplement Proven to Help Quit Smoking

Posted on : December 16, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Despite the dangers, it’s estimated that nearly 40 million adults in the U.S. are still smoking cigarettes in 2020. The CDC reports each year, nearly 500,000 Americans die early as a result of smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. Over 16 million more are living with serious illnesses, like emphysema, because of smoking.

While it takes many smokers a few tries, it is reported that 62% of adult smokers have successfully quit cigarettes. This is exciting, as two-thirds of cigarette users have reported wanting to quit.

Have you tried nicotine gum, patches, sprays, and other products and found none of them to be helpful? It turns out, if one hasn’t worked, it’s likely the others won’t have a much more dramatic effect. This study concluded “no single nicotine replacement therapy is most effective for all smokers. All forms of nicotine replacement therapy (gum, transdermal patch, spray, inhaler, and lozenge) are equally effective.” 

It might be time to ditch the traditional quitting methods which simply cover-up cravings and address the root cause of addiction at a biological level.

Clinical supplement formulator Hardy Nutritionals introduces "Daily Essential Nutrients", an incredibly powerful micronutrient formulation clinically proven to make quitting smoking easier. 

The Study

Researchers recently published a study in Nicotine and Tobacco Research looking at tobacco use while taking Hardy's micronutrients. This was the first known double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial to investigate the use of micronutrients to support smoking cessation. 

At the start of the study, each participant smoked more than a dozen cigarettes per day, and many had tried unsuccessfully to quit before.

For four weeks, the participants were asked to take Daily Essential Nutrients capsules three times a day, which is the therapeutic dose shown by over 30 studies to be safe and effective for a wide range of mood and behavior disorders. Half of the participants were given Daily Essential Nutrients and others a placebo. 

When it came to quitting time four weeks later, the group taking Daily Essential Nutrients had over 80% success rate. The others only had 50%. 

“The participants who were taking micronutrients throughout the study smoked significantly fewer cigarettes than those in the placebo group,” shared Jared Hardy, a scientist at Hardy Nutritionals. “This includes all of the study dropouts in all points of time, including before the quit day.”

The researchers found this a pretty significant conclusion, citing “micronutrients reduced harm through reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked relative to placebo.” 

Why Does It Work?

Before the smoking cessation study, Daily Essential Nutrients was the star of other independent university studies for anxiety, stress, mood, and focus. The micronutrients support feelings of calm and balance by providing a high level of essential vitamins and minerals to the body in a format that can cross the blood-brain barrier. When people try to quit smoking, their cravings often mimic severe anxiety, which cigarettes temporarily relieve for the addicted smoker. As the world's most research-backed supplement for mood and mental health, Daily Essential Nutrients combats anxiety at its source in the body, providing soon-to-be ex-smokers with the calming relief they need to break free from their harmful addiction.

The Difference

Other products used to help smokers quit, like nicotine gum, have undesirable side effects. Some of the side-effects of typical anti-smoking aids include throat irritation, mouth sores, nausea, headaches, and more. Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients, on the other hand, left participants with literally no negative side effects. 

Users found when taking the micronutrients their stress was alleviated, their brain performance improved, and that using the micronutrients even had anti-inflammatory effects which helped metabolism during and after quitting.

This natural holistic alternative helped addicted smokers quit without bad side effects and improved their overall well-being.

Times are tough and stress is high.  Why not reduce your urge to smoke and increase your stress resilience at the same time by investing in an essential nutrient formula proven to reduce stress and improve psychological health?  Who knows, you may even save enough money by smoking less that you can offset the entire cost of the micronutrients!

Daily Essential Nutrients comes in several forms. See the options here:

Source: Novel Mineral–Vitamin Treatment for Reduction in Cigarette Smoking: A Fully Blinded Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

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