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I Documented My Journey Transitioning Off Psych Meds

Posted on : September 30, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

When Bex Allen, a Transformation Coach from New Zealand, decided to transition from medications to micronutrients, she knew that her experience could help others who are considering leaving their meds behind. She courageously decided to document her journey transitioning from medications for bipolar disorder to Hardy's micronutrients in a vlog series featured on her website. Her videos span months and highlight the ups and downs of coming off of several psychiatric medications in favor of a clinical level micronutrient therapy called Daily Essential Nutrients

You can view a shorter montage of her experience below or visit to watch the entire series of video recordings.

In her videos, Bex vulnerably discusses her personal background including previous struggles with drugs and alcohol which she used to numb trauma from the past and the pros and cons of the medications that got her through her years of sobriety and subsequent motherhood. She explains that while medications got her to a good mental space, she was concerned about the long list of side-effects and the toll the medications were taking on her health. She finally decided to transition from medications to micronutrients after reviewing the independent studies backing Daily Essential Nutrients and discussed her plan with her doctor. Her doctor was not as supportive as she'd hoped, and she explains that she was grateful for the support she received from Hardy's Product Specialists along the way. 

Transitioning from medications is best done under the care of a physician and can take weeks—or even months—due to the fact that many psychiatric drugs create dependencies and come with a long list of side effects that often manifest themselves more noticeably during withdrawal. As Bex documented in her video journey, she began lowering her medication dosage slowly over time as she started taking the micronutrients. She used a surge of medication side-effects as her signal that it was time to make another medication reduction. Each time she made a reduction she began to feel better and ultimately was able to become drug-free. While the process was uncomfortable at times, Bex shares that she noticed that the micronutrients were working and that her bipolar disorder remained under control even after her medications were out of her system.

Discontinuing medication is a big decision and not one to take lightly. However, the research behind Daily Essential Nutrients is clear. It helps regulate moods, sleep, anxiety, and focus for people with mental health diagnoses. 

If you are considering transitioning to micronutrients, watch Bex's video above and the vlog series at to see what to expect. Also, be sure to watch our short video that explains the transition process so you can be prepared and know what to expect. We also recommend that you consult with your health care provider and contact our Product Specialists by text or by phone at 855-955-1114.

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