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Daily Essential Nutrients Improved Our ADHD Symptoms

Posted on : July 16, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

In this video interview, Justin shares his own experience, as well as that of his son, in overcoming ADHD symptoms using micronutrients.Justin has always had a complicated relationship with his attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Justin grew up overseas, and his parents and teachers were pretty confident that his poor grades and inability to concentrate could be traced back to ADHD, which is now a very common diagnosis. Currently, the CDC estimates that close to 6.1 million children carry the diagnosis, with boys being more than twice as likely as girls to be diagnosed.

Unfortunately, due to their location, Justin’s family didn’t have access to resources for testing or diagnosing neurodevelopmental disorders. As a result, he wavered through his childhood years, often winding up in special learning resource classes and on the dean’s "bad list".

“As much as teachers recommended prescribing me with Ritalin or whatever, my parents were very much against it,” Justin explains in his remote interview, recorded over Zoom due to COVID.

Studies have shown that methylphenidate, which is a nervous system stimulant found in ADD/ADHD prescriptions, has receptor effects similar to cocaine. Since the production of methylphenidate has been increasing steadily as the number of children diagnosed with ADHD grows, it’s getting easier for children to get access to.

In fact, a study conducted by UCLA psychologists discovered children with ADHD were more likely to develop substance abuse problems as they age.

When Justin entered college and decided to get serious about his future as an architect, he turned to prescription drugs to help ease his ADHD symptoms. While he noticed positive results, he also found the side effects to be debilitating. Yet he felt like he needed to keep taking the prescription.

“My grades went up significantly. With that, over the next four or five years, I was able to get into architecture school. And that was really great. But there were a few things about being on that medication that were borderline debilitating. One was, I didn't have the best ability to be creative, which is pretty important in architecture school. My designs were lacking; and although I was able to focus and read textbooks and absorb what I was reading, I wasn't able to function creatively. And then there were the obvious symptoms of loss of appetite, inability to sleep, mood swings, anxiety…”

Overall, the prescribed drugs weren’t letting Justin perform at his best. As a father of three children, a husband, and a full-time employee often putting 60-hour weeks into a startup company, he had responsibilities that required him to be able to focus.

His wife suggested he try Hardy Nutritionals' clinical strength micronutrients, Daily Essential Nutrients instead, and he immediately noticed a change.

“It was really helpful right off the bat. I was able to focus,” Justin shared.

“The vitamin supplement naturally provides micronutrients in trace elements that you need anyway, without all the side effects… I was able to take it and start myself off correctly right away during the day. When I take it, it’s not like I need something else to keep myself going, I make the right choices nutritionally and just everywhere else in my life.”

A self-described "science-based person", Justin says he appreciated that Hardy's micronutrients are the most research-backed supplements for mood and mental health in the world. With over 30 published studies, scientists have been able to prove the benefits these supplements have on a wide range of mood disorders, from PTSD, to anxiety, and stress.

Daily Essential Nutrients even has double-blind studies proving the formula works for adults and children with ADHD.

So when Justin and his wife noticed similar ADHD tendencies in their oldest son, they decided to try Daily Essential Nutrients for him as well.

“My oldest son has begun taking it and we immediately saw improvements. Not just in his ability to focus, but also his enthusiasm about learning. It was just a couple nights ago where my wife and I were cooking, his brother and sister were on both sides of him playing, and he was doing math homework. I couldn't do that at all on any type of medication! The fact that he was just hunkered down completely focused was such a testament to Daily Essential Nutrients.”

Daily Essential Nutrients is available without a prescription and is used globally by healthcare professionals for various conditions like ADHD. Families and professionals alike are turning to this allergen-free alternative that has no side effects.

“With those other medications, oftentimes there is no off switch, there’s no ability to concentrate on what you want to or what you need to. With Daily Essentials, it’s a focus that doesn’t really heighten your anxiety or energy level, so I'm able to focus on really what I need and want to. So many times when I had my own business, I would find myself going down the rabbit hole of something completely irrelevant or unrelated. With DEN, I'm able to focus on what I need to and know that it’s providing me with something that my body needs. When I’m not in front of the computer I’m a decent person to be around.”

Are you or your child experiencing a lack of focus, triggered by ADHD or ADD? Try Daily Essential Nutrients. These broad-spectrum micronutrients have been proven effective for children and adults and are backed by independent medical journal publications.

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