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My Experience Transitioning to Micronutrients With Bipolar I

Posted on : May 06, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments
"When I first started the Daily Essential Nutrients as a person with a Bipolar 1 diagnosis, I was stable but almost out of my Lamictal, without health insurance, and between psychiatrists. My general doctor would not write any more refills for my prescriptions without my first seeing a psychiatrist, so we decided to slowly titrate off my medication knowing that if I ran out and stopped cold turkey, I would have a really hard time adjusting to the withdrawals. We figured that I could either come off the medicine and do nothing or come off it and try something else, so we did our research and decided to order Hardy Daily Essential Nutrients and Greens & Probiotics

By the time I got my first shipment, I was already taking half my dose of Lamictal with only a couple weeks left on that dose. I was so nervous about making this transition alone. It seemed like no one had ever heard of Micronutrient Therapy and although the research looked solid, it seemed overwhelming. To my surprise, Hardy Nutritionals reached out and called me on the day I received my shipment! I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with a Product Specialist asking detailed questions that resembled a psych intake. I immediately felt at ease that someone was looking out for me.  I was beyond impressed and felt so cared for! 

This video was recorded during social distancing over Zoom.

I was also put on a weekly call list. As Product Specialists reached out to me week after week, I was able to report my symptoms and get weekly advice on best practices. Because I had to titrate my Lamictal so quickly, my withdrawal symptoms were very severe. This was not Hardy’s recommended course of action, but I had little choice. The situation was not ideal, and by the third week I was struggling to function. After talking to a Product Specialist about my confusion, forgetfulness, violent mood swings, and depression, I was sent a complimentary bottle of Aminos. I was told they would help with my symptoms of withdrawal. I was touched that Hardy's genuinely expressed concern for how I was feeling. 

The next day while I was waiting for the Amino Acids to arrive, my withdrawals got even worse. I got so confused that I didn’t know where I was or what time it was. It seemed my symptoms were so bad and nothing was helping. I knew when I started this journey it was going to be an adjustment, but I had no idea how severe the impact of coming off the psych medications would be on my mind and body. I prepared myself mentally that my mood stabilization could take weeks or months before I felt better. I was hanging on to a shred of hope.

The next morning, I woke up to Hardy's Balanced Free-form Aminos being delivered! I was so impressed that they came in just two days...and just in time! I felt terrible from the meds that were still in my system!  That very evening, to my shock, my depressed mood started to lift. I was able to watch a movie with my husband and feel coherent. The next day, I felt like a completely different person. I literally could not believe it. I woke up feeling surprisingly rested and positive, ready to start my day, and interact with other people.  In two days, I felt like my normal self, with significantly less confusion and no mood impairment.  I had been uncontrollably sobbing for weeks and in two days of taking the Aminos, I had lots of natural energy and felt happy and calm. I felt better than I had in years! 

After a few weeks on the Aminos along with the Daily Essential Nutrients I have been able to monitor my other medication, Trazodone, more closely and slowly titrate off of that as well. I am now down to an eighth of a dose of that sleeping medication, and zero of my mood stabilizer, and I feel AMAZING. It has been 6 weeks since I started Hardy's.  I take 12 capsules per day of the Daily Essential Nutrients, 6 capsules of Greens & Probiotics, and 4 Amino capsules. It took me months to find the right balance of medications when I first started, but only 3 weeks to find the right balance of nutraceuticals with Hardy Nutritionals. 

I am so impressed with the customer service and the product. I am looking forward to this long term relationship with Hardy Nutritionals. I only wish I had found them before I was hospitalized. I could have been feeling better without ever having to take psych medications.  Hardy Nutritionals has given me hope that my Bipolar 1 diagnosis is not a death sentence or an irreversible fate. I feel like I have regained control of my body and mind. I am so grateful God led me to Hardy Nutritionals!"

-Jessica S., Hardy Nutritionals® customer since February 2020
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