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Functional Neurologists Recommend Hardy's Micronutrients

Posted on : February 04, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Doctors at the Neurologic Wellness Institute recommend Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrient formulation to patients to support mood, cognition and TBI recovery

The Neurologic Wellness Institute (NWI) in Chicago, Illinois helps children and adults who suffer from a wide range of neurological disorders.  Several doctors at NWI recommend Hardy Nutritionals' Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrients to their patients. 

Both Dr. Brenner and Dr. Traster are graduates of Carrick Institute, which awards scholars a Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience degree. The doctors at the Neurologic Wellness Institute are all highly trained, with a focus on clinical neuroscience. They specialize in helping patients with mild traumatic brain injuries, ADHD and neurological conditions including developmental disorders, dysautonomia, mood disorders, and cognitive disorders.  

Clinical Neuroscience addresses the entire nervous system: cognition, visual perception, and balance in order to determine the best way to help each patient.  The focus is on the root cause of conditions, rather than solely focusing on the symptoms.  

Dr. Brenner first heard about Daily Essential Nutrients, a specialized blend of micronutrients developed for mood and mental health, at a conference where she heard Dr. Bonnie Kaplan present on the importance of supplementing properly with micronutrients.  Dr. Kaplan has been researching Hardy's micronutrient formulations for years at her lab at the University of Calgary. 

Dr. Brenner was impressed by the solid research behind Hardy's micronutrients and started taking the supplement herself after the conference.  She found that her mental clarity and emotional stability improved and began sharing it with patients.

"My patients have experienced a wide variety of changes using Daily Essential Nutrients.  I would say the biggest ones are mental clarity and emotional stability."  Dr. Brenner says that when patients first start taking Daily Essential Nutrients, they might see some positive results right away.  She notices that the improvements continue over time and can take up to 8 weeks to take full effect.  This is supported by recent double-blind studies published on the formulation which show marked improvements over the course of a 10-week trial and continued improvements at a 52-week follow-up.

Dr. Brenner says she likes recommending Daily Essential Nutrients to patients because it supports the results her patients experience during their treatment at the Neurologic Wellness Center, whether they are recovering from a brain injury or neurological disorder.

Dr. Traster first learned about Hardy's micronutrients at a Neurological conference where Dr. Charles Popper of Harvard and Dr. Bonnie Kaplan of the University of Calgary presented on the bioavailability, safety and efficacy of Daily Essential Nutrients.  He too was impressed by the amount of independent research supporting the formulation and has since recommended it to patients for several years.  "When we give our patients Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients, we see people start to feel a little more energy, improved mood, more stable.  We've seen depression and anxiety improve, a huge improvement in cognition and memory."

Dr. Traster says that he has seen the biggest impact on patients with mood disorders including anxiety and depression when using the micronutrients.  "It really gives the body and the brain all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins they need to not just survive, but to thrive in their everyday life."

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