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When to Take Daily Essential Nutrients For Best Results

Posted on : January 23, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

In this video, Jared, a member of the Hardy Nutritionals® science team, discusses the ideal timing for taking Daily Essential Nutrients each day.

Timing matters! To avoid possible issues, you should take Daily Essential Nutrients with food, several hours before bedtime, and separate from medications. And for best results, divide Daily Essential Nutrients into three or more doses per day.

Some individuals experience nausea shortly after taking our Daily Essential Nutrients on an empty stomach, but it’s rare for the same individuals to experience nausea if they take Daily Essential Nutrients with food. So we recommend that all individuals should take Daily Essential Nutrients together with food -- either with a regular meal or with a snack.

Some individuals experience difficulty falling asleep if they take Daily Essential Nutrients too close to bedtime. If this is a problem for you, simply take it several hours before bedtime. If the difficulty falling asleep persists, be sure to speak with one of our product specialists or with a doctor trained in the use of Daily Essential Nutrients. Sleep problems can often be medication-related, or in some cases, additional nutrients can help.

As a general rule, it’s important to take Daily Essential Nutrients separate from medications. Ideally, a person should consistently take Daily Essential Nutrients at least two hours before or two hours after taking any medication. This will minimize potential interaction effects between the medication and the nutrients. 

It’s best to speak with your medical doctor or pharmacist about how nutrients might interact with particular medications. In addition, you can find instructions specific to the particular medications you’re taking, including possible interaction effects, on or a similar website. 

Taking Daily Essential Nutrients two hours before or two hours after certain medications is critical because various nutrients can increase or decrease the absorption of the medication, or even increase or decrease the effect of the medication after it is absorbed.

One common example is that the minerals calcium and magnesium can significantly increase the absorption of methylphenidate, commonly called Ritalin or Concerta, and cause overmedication effects.

So consistently taking doses of Daily Essential Nutrients at different times than you take medication doses can help avoid the potentially harmful and sometimes dramatic interaction effects that could occur by taking medications and nutrients at the same time.  When possible, we recommend taking Daily Essential Nutrients in three doses or more throughout the day. It is safe to take the total daily amount as a single dose or in two doses, but dividing it into three or more doses will simply allow for a higher percentage of the nutrients to be absorbed.

In summary, remember to always take Daily Essential Nutrients with food; if necessary, take Daily Essential Nutrients several hours before bedtime; take nutrient doses separate from medications; and for best results, take Daily Essential Nutrients in three or more doses throughout the day. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope to help you have the best possible results as you use Daily Essential Nutrients! 

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