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Anxiety, Rage & Moodiness: Finding Balance Using Micronutrients

Posted on : December 20, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Jake Tuton is a voice actor and recording artist in Chicago, Illinois.  He used to suffer from debilitating anxiety, bouts of rage and intense moodiness due to a concussion in his past.  His personal life and his professional life were both severely affected by his symptoms, and so he went to see Dr. George Michaelopolous, a clinical neurologist at the Neurologic Wellness Institute.  

Dr. George put Jake on Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients to help with his anxiety, mood, and rage.  Jake says that Hardy's micronutrients were instantly a "game-changer" for him.  

Before seeking treatment at the Neurologic Wellness Institute, Jake suffered from overwhelming negative thoughts and horrible panic attacks.  He ultimately had a myriad of tests and brain scans that did not find any physical signs of damage. A friend recommended that Jake go see Dr. George, who used special clinical neurology testing and found that Jake was dealing with post-concussion syndrome.

Once Jake got into the routine of taking Daily Essential Nutrients he found that it leveled him out throughout the day.

"Before I started taking Daily Essential Nutrients, I was moody.  I would be visibly moody.  If I was stuck in traffic I would get angry...Hardy's helped level that out big time.  I am in a state of calm now."

Jake says Hardy's micronutrients are not a miracle fix where you pop a pill and are automatically better.  Getting healthy is a process.  However, he finds that if he stops taking Daily Essential Nutrients for a couple of days, he notices that his moods get worse and he gets angry more easily.  That's how he found out the micronutrients were really working for him--by not taking them and finding that his symptoms worsened again.

Now Jake takes Daily Essential Nutrients every day. He calls them his "happy pills".  He knows that by providing the optimal level of highly bioavailable nutrients to his body, he is supporting his brain health the best way that he can.

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