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Micronutrients Helped My Kids With Autism & Anxiety

Posted on : November 11, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Tamara Anderson, a podcaster and author, says that her son Jacob, who has autism, figured out how to hop the six-foot fence in her backyard by the age of three.  "I just remember thinking, 'What do I do with this child?' 

Tamara talks about how challenging it was to support her son through his autism in his younger years.  "We tried to make our home a fortress where we had multiple locks on the door."  Jacob has always been very bright, busy and active.  Before starting a specialized blend of micronutrients, Tamara says that Jacob was a different child.  "He has come a long way", she says.  He used to spend most of his time at school in the special needs class and has since transitioned into the mainstream classroom experience.  "Taking the Daily Essential Nutrients...helps his body get the nutrients he needs to function at a higher level than he was able to before."

So, how did Tamara hear about the Daily Essential Nutrients that helped her son so much?  It all started when Tamara's daughter was suffering from severe anxiety.  After the family relocated from Texas to Utah, her daughter struggled and developed a fear of going outside, had irrational fears of bugs and had anxiety that completely impacted her life.  "She went from being a happy, vibrant little eight-year-old girl to [being] afraid to go outside...scared of bugs and scared of choices.   I don't know what happened."   

Tamara says she tried calling several counselors who were unable to help, and she wasn't sure what to do next.  Then she remembered a friend in Texas who had told her about some micronutrients that had helped her son recover from depression.

Tamara's friend had a son who had recovered from debilitating childhood depression using Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrients.  "[My friend] said that [her son] had started taking some vitamins that had really helped him pull out of the childhood depression.  The thought came to me that if it could help him that much, maybe it could help [my daughter] with her anxiety."

Armed with a workbook called "Turn Around Anxiety" and Hardy Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrients, Tamara's daughter was able to successfully work through her anxiety and return to her previous happy, sociable self.  "We've come a long way.  We notice a huge difference and she has noticed a huge difference.  She knows she's doing better, she actually happily takes [the micronutrients]."

Paired with a good probiotic, Tamara feels that the micronutrients have demonstrated good success for all of her children who take Daily Essential Nutrients.  She has even seen benefits in her own life using the micronutrients for stress and anxiety. "You're getting it in a form that's absorbable in your own body and you're also getting it in the right amounts...Try it!  If they help, it's better, right?  If you don't try it you won't know.  So, it's worth a shot, especially if you're struggling with hard issues like anxiety or depression or autism.  They're not going to hurt."

The studies done on Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients have been carried out by university researchers and are third-party funded.  The medical journal publications on Daily Essential Nutrients are peer-reviewed and include double-blind placebo-controlled trials for both children and adults.

Tamara's podcast is called "Stories of Hope in Hard Times" and her book is called "Normal for Me".  Through her experiences raising children on the autism spectrum, Tamara learned a lot about how to "love and accept life's detours".  In her book and on her podcast, she focuses on empowering people to know that they aren't alone when they are struggling with the difficulties in life.  Her website is

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