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Track Your Symptoms, Dose and Medication Side-Effects

Posted on : October 02, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Over the last couple of years, Hardy Nutritionals has been working to create an online tool that can help track the progress of symptoms as well as many other important things. We are simply calling it the Hardy Wellness Tracker. e7629cb6-b7d4-4375-bd16-a6b648307309.jpg

The tool is designed to help someone who is using micronutrients to achieve the best results for symptoms related to mood and mental wellness. When you log into your Hardy account, you will find access to it under the new leaf icon. When you first enter the Hardy Wellness tracker, it will walk you through a set-up process that will ask you questions related to your health and mental wellness and circumstances that may lead to negative or positive outcomes with our powerful micronutrients. The set-up is designed to customize and track your immediate needs and situation as well as help educate you on specific things that will likely improve your personal results. These are a few of the features the wellness tracker has for you:

  • Symptom tracking through DSM or self-customized questionnaires.
  • Track what you are taking, how much and when. 
  • Medication side-effect database and severity tracking.
  • Dosage reminder system using SMS or e-mail.
  • Graphical display of mood symptoms, dosage, medication side-effect. 
  • Automated sharing of overview with Health Professional or loved one.
  • Microflora Questionnaire
  • Fully customizable. Use some of it, use all of it, use none of it.
  • Earn Hardy credits towards future orders and save money.f04b54cd-6583-40d9-913f-2366cd115383.jpg

The Hardy Wellness Tracker is your personal record of progress. It can track all doses of everything that you are taking and can also remind you when to take it if you wish! It will track your mood, based on a set of questions that either you create or you can choose from a list of pre-existing symptom questionnaires, based on the latest Diagnostic Statistical Manual. The tool is connected with a large database of drug side-effects and medication interactions. You can track the severity of side effects related to medications and know when to speak to your Health Professional about the results, who then can help advise on how to effectively titrate when needed.


Many Health professionals are interested in the well-being of their patients but do not have the time to meet them weekly. This tracker allows you to share a recap of your results weekly with your favorite clinician or loved one.

We want your feedback. In the tool, there is a feedback icon in the top right which you can click on at any time. After you complete set-up, a $10 credit will be applied to your account. After using the tool for 30 days, an additional $15 will be applied to your account. After 60 days another $20 will be applied. At the end of 90 days use, your account will roll into a permanently discounted state. We know the value of tracking wellness as using micronutrients is different than medication and takes time to achieve optimal mood stability. Depending on the limiting or lifestyle factors, the journey is better seen through the lens of daily tracking where, over time, results can surely be seen. 

 None of the data collected is shared with third parties for marketing purposes, and any research done based on the data uses non-identifiable information.

Give us a call today if you have any questions or need help getting started.

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