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Using Hardy's Micronutrients for Bipolar I

Posted on : July 15, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

"I use Daily Essential Nutrients because I know that they are very high grade...I noticed on day three when I started using it a year and a half ago, my depression started to just dwindle away, my manic episodes started to just dissipate, literally."

In this powerful video interview, Jonathan, a Hardy Nutritionals® customer shares his personal experience with mania and depression and the effect that Hardy's clinical strength micronutrients has had on his recovery.  He talks about the impact of the micronutrients on his road rage, his relationships, and his stamina at work. 

When Jonathan was a child, he was hyper and had trouble sitting still.  He was diagnosed with pediatric ADHD and put on stimulant medications.  As an adult, he dealt with overwhelming depression and manic episodes and was ultimately diagnosed with bipolar I.  

Following several divorces, two bankruptcies, and the loss of his son, Jonathan was admitted into a mental institution and prescribed high doses of medications.  After dealing with the side-effects for several years, he began researching alternative methods to successfully and safely treat his bipolar disorder.  

Then, he found out about Daily Essential Nutrients, a broad-spectrum micronutrient formulation backed by years of university research for mood and mental health.  

He shares how he researched the ingredients in the Hardy formulation to ensure its safety and discusses the process of transitioning from the medications to the micronutrients.  He says his experience was life-altering; he was able to completely discontinue the medications and has been successfully managing his bipolar disorder ever since.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the micronutrients have supported Jonathan through the ups and downs of life.  "I'd say it's not a magical cure-all pill...but I want the best nutrients to get into my brain.  If I'm thinking well, then I'm feeling well, and I'm loving life."

Now that Jonathan has been in recovery for 18 months, he has found that he focuses on the positives in life.  He still has days that are harder than others, but feels he is now able to better deal with every situation.

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