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Recovering From TBI with Daily Essential Nutrients

Posted on : March 16, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

"All five of my kids are on the spectrum, and I am too, to a degree.  In fact, my whole family is riddled with central nervous system disorders (which is why the autism genome project studied us in 2004). 

My daughter Julia incurred two concussions in her final year in high school. The second one was so severe, that it left her home-bound and mostly in a dark bedroom for over two years.  Her eyes couldn't dilate properly.  Light and sound hurt her.  She was easily overwhelmed if around too many people.  She lost some of her memory, attention, and ability to write like she used to.  It led to depression and hopelessness that she would not live out her dream serving a mission and attending college.72424632_m.jpg

For six months we put her on a lower strength blend of micronutrients, very similar to Hardy's Optimal Balance (the "little sister" to Daily Essential Nutrients). We increased her dosage to two bottles of that per month, which was still not as powerful as Daily Essential Nutrients. We saw some improvement for a few months, but then she got worse. She began to suffer from panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

That's when I switched to Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients. Within two weeks we saw improvement. She was calm and able to spend more time around the family.  We could take her out more on errands, and she was able to go to church activities and be around more people. Within three months on the full dose, she entered BYU Idaho on a full course load and got high grades for that semester.  After the semester three months later, she applied and passed her medical exam to serve a mission.  After being on DEN for one year, she is currently in San Jose, California serving a mission for her church.  She continues to use Daily Essential Nutrients.

As a massage therapist, I am currently teaching at the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy and I have my own practice as well. I have watched and read every video and article from David Hardy and Dr. Julia Rucklidge. I have studied Dr. Bruce Ames' and Dr. Charles Popper's work as well.  

I have started a class at the college for the public, teaching about the effectiveness of micronutrients.  I hope to share our experience with others so they might have the opportunity to find hope the way our family did with Daily Essential Nutrients."

-T.W., Rexburg, Idaho

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