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Good nutrition is more than just food for thought

Posted on : February 06, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

More than 35 peer-reviewed studies have now demonstrated that supplementing with broad spectrum micronutrients reduces mental health symptoms across all ages.


Symptoms which most consistently respond are mood swings, explosive rage, attention-deficit, irritability and aggression. According to an essay written by renowned micronutrients researcher Dr. Bonnie Kaplan and published by the Calgary Herald, "There is a financial imperative to pay attention to this research: in two publications of extensively documented cases, health economists showed that nutrient treatment cost less than 10 percent of the patients’ previous (and ineffective) conventional care."

Micronutrients serve as cofactors in the body, enabling enzymes to do their work. They control the supply of ATP, the energy molecule produced in the mitochondria in every cell of our bodies; and by influencing ATP production, they help moderate chronic inflammation, now known to be associated with mood disorders.

"It is time for every mental health clinic and every family physician’s office to educate their clients about the importance of eating a whole-foods diet, and to teach them how to do it," writes Dr. Kaplan.  Still others with higher nutrient needs may require additional supplementation in the form of clinical broad-spectrum micronutrients.

Dr. Kaplan has studied the impact of supplementing with micronutrients in mental health patients for two decades and has specifically conducted studies on Daily Essential Nutrients, a clinical-strength micronutrient formulation proven to successfully alleviate mood and mental health symptoms.

Proof of the relationship between nutrition and mental health continues to emerge without pomp and circumstance.  Micronutrients are quietly becoming known as the first line of defense against mental health challenges.

Read Dr. Kaplan's essay in the Calgary Herald.

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