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Recovering From Trichotillomania Using Micronutrients

Posted on : November 06, 2018 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

"My experience with Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients has convinced me that the key to mental health lies 100% within the gut.

I started pulling my hair out at the age of 11 and I didn’t stop until I began taking these nutrients at the age of 32. It took maybe six months, including weaning off an antidepressant that had made my hair pulling worse, before the nutrients kicked in.  But kick in they did, and I have pretty much been hair-pulling-free for nearly four years.

The urges have basically disappeared completely.  Occasionally, my hand reaches up to my head out of habit, but I used to not to be able to stop.  Now I simply have no urge to continue. My hair is now thick and full and luscious and I wear it out all the time. This is after having worn a continuous bun covering bald patches from the age of 28-32, and before that using lace hair pieces, hair extensions and many other tied-back hair styles.

I’m now slowly rebuilding the life that Trichotillomania has stolen from me. In the past, I fled from lovely men who expressed interest in me and passed up on career opportunities. At times I thought I would never stop pulling my hair out, or if I did, I thought I would never lose the urge to pull it out. Thanks to the Daily Essential Nutrients, that was wrong. I feel like it’s going to be a long recovery from the damage Trichotillomania has done to my life, and I still experience severe anxiety. I was recently diagnosed with social phobia (perhaps brought on by my hair pulling), but I feel the nutrients have begun the end of Trichotillomania's evil reign over my existence.

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I also believe the nutrients have helped me lose 20kgs (I was nearly 90kg when I started taking them), which has made me feel a lot better about myself. I’ll keep researching and trying to find the right balance of things to ‘fix’ my microbiome, because that’s where I believe the trouble lies.

My grandmother had OCD and similar issues, so I believe my issues are biological. I took a lot of antibiotics as a child for constant ear and sinus infections, and I feel that affected me significantly. I was also not breast-fed. I hope that there are researchers who start researching these nutrients and microbiome-based treatments for Trichotillomania soon. There are millions and millions of people out there who are in desperate need of better treatments. I notice if I run out of micronutrients or forget to take them for a while, the urges do return. 

I take four capsules of Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients twice a day with probiotics and inositol and I continue to seek therapy with a clinical psychologist."

-Danika, Customer Since 2017 

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