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How Micronutrients Changed My Son's Life

Posted on : April 19, 2017 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

"The Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrients are really helping our son.

We started with half a scoop of powder.. But he didn't care for the flavor. I purchased some empty capsules online and have been filling them for him.  After that we moved to the DEN capsules which are helpful.  He is now much more happy and easier going, than usual.. we are very happy for him (& for us) that he isn't as frustrated and is not as easily angered.. My husband is taking the Optimal Balance™ and also seems less stressed...but, I wonder if he's less stressed because my son is less stressful. daily essential nutrients reviews

I had also purchased Optimal Balance™ for Women and plan to begin using them as well.

I found a Daily Essential Nutrients article a couple of years ago.  It had a mom talking about her 8 year old son and his mood swings.
It sounded like my life and my son. I couldn't get myself to purchase DEN at that point, especially because of the price tag.
Throughout the years, he has stayed about the same... Maybe a little more angry as he gets older and understands more about things, than before.

His diet isn't very colorful.  Where his little sister (7) likes almost all fruits and vegetables, he's a meat and potatoes type of kid.
I tried to take him to a behavioral counselor after talking to our primary physician.  I didn't see an improvement.  

I took a leap of faith a few months ago and bought a bottle of DEN powder. I can see the difference. Almost immediately, (the same day).

I now understand the hefty price tag. It's the quality and quantity of essential nutrients. They are providing the correct balance that his brain was starving for.

I'm totally on board with DEN and have tried to tell a few other parents (all of boys, actually).  He takes 4 capsules at breakfast, 4 at lunch during school and one more dose when he gets home from school."
-Leslie R.

 *Important Note from Hardy Nutritionals®:  If you are planning to transition from psychoactive medications to Daily Essential Nutrients, there are important factors to consider:

Review: How To Successfully Transition to Daily Essential Nutrients.


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