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Continuing Medical Education Series on Nutrition and Mental Health

Posted on : June 15, 2016 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Respected health professionals who are familiar with the use of micronutrients in treating mental health-related disorders are now training their colleagues on use of clinical micronutrients.

University of Canterbury's Dr. Julia Rucklidge and University of Calgary's Dr. Bonnie Kaplan present a fascinating case for the use of clinical micronutrients to alleviate the debilitating symptoms of mental health-related disorders in a 3-part MIA Continuing Medical Education Series, sponsored by the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care (FEMHC).

These on-demand webinars, which are approved for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians, provide health professionals an introduction to micronutrient treatments such as Daily Essential Nutrients in mental health, including a survey of the clinical evidence supporting the effectiveness of this approach.

Both Drs. Kaplan and Rucklidge have extensively studied micronutrient formulations developed or co-developed by Hardy Nutritionals founder, David Hardy. For summaries of the research backing Hardy Nutritionals® clinical-strength formulation Daily Essential Nutrients visit

Continuing Medical Education Series - Nutrition and Mental Health (Part 1)
University of Calgary's Dr. Bonnie Kaplan examines 2600 years of folklore and modern science (from population health to supplementation) and develops a sound academic case for the use of micronutrients in treating mental health-related symptoms.

Dr. Kaplan first examines what humanity knew about nutrition from 2600 years ago to about 1950. Next, she discusses the relevant developments in neuroscience after 1950 and explains why there is an increasing interest in nutrition now.

Continuing Medical Education Series - Nutrition and Mental Health (Part 2)
In this presentation, Dr. Bonnie Kaplan discusses the potential of using micronutrients to treat mental health-related symptoms. She looks at population health research (both correlational and prospective studies), then extrapolates to broad-spectrum micronutrient treatment, and concludes by discussing public policy implications.

Continuing Medical Education Series - Evaluation of Current Evidence on Multi-nutrient Treatment of Mental Health Symptoms (Part 3)
In this presentation, University of Canterbury's Dr. Julia Rucklidge evaluates the current evidence on multi-nutrient treatment of mental health symptoms. Within a framework of nutrients being essential for optimal brain functioning, she first reviews evidence across a broad range of psychiatric conditions using micronutrients, then she focuses only on broad spectrum supplementation, then features some specific examples (mood, forensics, autism, stress, anxiety, trauma, and ADHD).

Thanks to the generosity of MIA Continuing Medical Education Health, professionals and their patients may watch these videos free of charge in this NutraTalk Blog article or in our Media Center. To qualify for CME credits, professionals can register for the 'Nutrition and Mental Health' course on the MIA Continuing Medical Education site.

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