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Updated Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals Now Available

Posted on : September 17, 2015 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

With the recent launch of our new, concentrated Daily Essential Nutrients formulation, we've given our Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals a facelift!

Our Clinical Reference was written specifically to help doctors guide their patients as they use Daily Essential Nutrients to achieve a new level of mental and physical well-being. However, it can also serve as a very helpful resource for anyone who wants to achieve the best results from taking Hardy Nutritionals® micronutrient formulas.

Our Clinical Reference is currently available in two formats:

    • PDF - This version allows you to view or print the entire document in one convenient location. Each section in the table of contents and each reference throughout the PDF is clickable, making navigation very simple.


    • HTML - This version allows you to view each picture illustrated segment of the document one section at a time. Like the PDF version, hyperlinks to other sections of the Clinical Reference make navigation easy.

What information is in the Clinical Reference and how can it help me on my road to recovery?

The 20 pages of our Clinical Reference are literally loaded with information we've collected over nearly two decades of working with health professionals and their patients who have used our micronutrient treatments. Everyone is a little different, so we cover many areas that help ensure that all individuals can find the greatest level of success on our micronutrient treatment.

Here are a few examples, from our Clinical Reference, of topics that we've found to be critical for optimizing health:

3.2 Dosage
Daily Essential Nutrients should be administered throughout the day with food. The recommended therapeutic dose is 4 capsules 3 times per day. Both adults and children dosed in this range during clinical trials have demonstrated the most consistent and marked improvements.

7.2 Psychiatric medications
Psychiatric medication doses, including lithium, should be monitored carefully during Daily Essential Nutrients therapy (see 5.1 Warnings).

If psychiatric medication side effects emerge, gradually reduce medication dosages (see 4.2 Drug interactions). Ideal psychiatric medication tapering minimizes patient symptoms by avoiding both adverse interaction and withdrawal effects (see 8.1 Psychiatric medication management). Figure 2 illustrates the importance of minimizing drug-related symptoms during the psychiatric medication reduction process.

Hardy Nutritionals® Free-Form Aminos or protein powders can help ameliorate drug-related symptoms until medication reductions are optimized, perhaps by binding to pharmacologically active drug metabolites and diminishing their pharmacologic effects. Absorption of protein products will be expedited if taken between meals.

7.4 Gastrointestinal issues
Healthy gastrointestinal function is critical for optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods and supplements. Various gastrointestinal issues, such as bowel disorders, constipation, diarrhea, and gut microflora imbalance can limit response to Daily Essential Nutrients therapy. For detailed recommendations, see 8.5 Gastrointestinal problems.

8.2.3 Antibiotics
Antibiotics have saved countless lives. However, antibiotic use can cause collateral damage to the intestinal microbiome.(35) Oral antibiotics may vastly impact both good and pathogenic gut microflora, resulting in reduced nutrient absorption.

Individuals who take antibiotics during Daily Essential Nutrients therapy may experience a worsening of symptoms. This effect has not been observed with intravenous antibiotics, suggesting that the interaction occurs in the gastrointestinal system.

A temporary 50% increase in micronutrient dose for the duration of the antibiotic treatment generally compensates. Adding a probiotic-prebiotic combination (such as Hardy Nutritionals® Greens & Probiotics) during the course of antibiotic treatment, plus one to two weeks after completion, is also recommended.

A natural antibiotic/anti-fungal agent is also recommended for the duration of the antibiotic treatment, especially if the individual has a history of fungal/microbial infections. Possibilities include olive leaf extract (such as Hardy Nutritionals® Olive Leaf Extract), caprylic acid, garlic capsules, and oil of oregano.

8.5.4 Microflora imbalance
Gut microflora may become imbalanced due to factors such as antibiotic use, infections, and diet patterns. Restorative measures should be taken to ensure optimal absorption of micronutrient treatments.

A probiotic-prebiotic combination product (such as Hardy Nutritionals® Greens & Probiotics) may be beneficial in restoring healthy gut function in individuals with mild microflora imbalance.

If this is not sufficient and symptoms do not improve, then a natural antibiotic/antifungal agent (such as Hardy Nutritionals® Olive Leaf Extract) may be warranted. In particular, patients with a history of extensive or chronic antibiotic use are often highly susceptible to severe microflora imbalances (see Appendix B for indicative questionnaire).

8.6.2 Psychiatric drug use
Residual medication-related symptoms can appear for months and in some cases even years after psychiatric medications have been discontinued. Post-withdrawal medication symptoms are often triggered by such things as physical exertion, weight loss, stress, prolonged sun exposure, and liver or bowel cleanses. To a lesser extent, post-withdrawal drug symptoms may also be triggered by massage, chiropractic, or acupuncture therapies.

Some symptoms of post-withdrawal include insomnia, anxiety, depression, crying jags, agitation, and irritability. Individuals often report they feel medicated again. Post-withdrawal symptoms can often be mistaken for a return of psychiatric symptoms.

Suggestions for treatment of post-withdrawal drug symptoms include avoiding or moderating 'trigger' activities and/or temporarily adding protein isolate or free-form amino acids (such as Hardy Nutritionals® Free-Form Aminos) to the patient's treatment regimen.

Our Clinical Reference contains many other helpful topics that Hardy Nutritionals® scientists have identified over the years. We've done our homework! Even if you've taken Hardy Nutritionals® products for years we hope you take a few minutes to review this resource in more detail. We're pretty confident that you'll learn something new that will help you maximize the benefit from taking our products.

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