Micronutrient formulation stabilizes mood in 11 bipolar adults.

Researchers treated 11 adults diagnosed with various types of bipolar disorder for an average of 44 weeks with a micronutrient formulation co-developed by Hardy Nutritionals® founder David Hardy. The adults’ additional diagnoses included attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dysthymic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The adults experienced a 55% reduction in depression symptoms, a 60% reduction in mania symptoms, and a 66% reduction in general psychiatric symptoms. Their psychiatric medication use decreased by more than 50%. The only reported side effect, nausea, was infrequent, minor, and transitory.

Effective mood stabilization with a chelated mineral supplement: an open-label trial in bipolar disorder.

Kaplan BJ, Simpson JS, Ferre RC, Gorman CP, McMullen DM, Crawford SG. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 2001 Dec;62(12):936-44.

†The micronutrient formulation studied was a pre-2013 version of Truehope EMPowerplus which was co-formulated by David Hardy and Anthony Stephan. Truehope EMPowerplus is a registered trademark of The Synergy Group of Canada Inc., which was co-founded by David Hardy and Anthony Stephan in 1999. David Hardy officially resigned as a shareholder of The Synergy Group of Canada Inc. and director of Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. in 2013 to focus his efforts exclusively on Hardy Nutritionals®.